It Used to Be…

I always hear people say, “Back when I grew up, it used to be different…”

Hell, even now I can say it!

When I ask, “How? How was it different then?”

The person would go on describing how his/her world was, and I sit there trying to picture it the way they do – the way it used to be.

Some of the stories sound really wonderful.

Local towns would be decorated, and have gatherings, and farmer’s markets, etc.

People didn’t really have a means of transportation, so they either: walked, took a bus, or took a train.

That was it.

That’s all you had.

Now, try grabbing a 17 year old today, and tell them, “You can go anywhere you want but you can’t use an automobile of any kind.”

We all know how that story ends.

But believe it or not – people lived that way.

And do you want to know WHY they lived that way?

Because that’s how it used to be. Things were different. The cell phone was but a twinkle in an inventor’s eye.

We all lived without cellphones and somehow we managed.

When I ask that same person to describe to me how things ‘used to be’, I also ask them, “Why do you think things changed?”

Most of the time these are the two answers I get are: Economy & People.

Something was invented and it changed the economy. Cars. Cars changed the economy. People wanted to buy cars, so they wanted to make the money to do it.

Lipstick. Ladies, once upon a time, lipstick didn’t exist! I know! Shocking!

Do you want to know who really first invented the primitive ‘lipstick’?


Yup, remember that group of people? And even better, up until the 1890’s, lipstick was made at home.


That’s how things used to be!

And I would really like to say, that it’s really sad when people feel that life ‘used to be’ better a long time before now.

People are looking at this world, and noticing how much things have changed. How technology is pretty much our world.

I just spoke with a woman on the phone today, and she said that using technology is just ‘daunting.’

I didn’t know what to say to her seeing as I pulled up all of her information on my computer and was talking to her on a hands-free phone headset.

I kind of just mumbled some apologies, and said goodbye.

What I find the most interesting of them all, is this: look around you. Look at how life is now. Look at how we dress, talk, act, etc. I mean REALLY observe the world around you, because at some point in your life, you’re going to be talking about how life ‘used to be.’




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