Turn Down the Volume

I don’t understand how people can be loud talkers.

John &  I have this ability to have a conversation at a lower volume, and still understand each other.

I’m pretty confident that if we were in a library, we would be able to communicate just fine.

Some people on the other hand, can’t speak on a lower volume to save their lives.

My brother, for instance, could never speak in a lower tone.

I don’t know why, but he never could.

As a child, he was a loud talker, but I thought he would have out-grown it.

Not really.

Even today, he is a loud talker.

And, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, it just really stumps me.

John and I were at the pool, and there were these 4 people sitting on the other side of the pool.

The one of the bunch, talked so loud.

John and I were practically a part of the  conversation. I always feel embarrassed when other people hear me talking. Not this dude.

He was heard probably by everyone at the pool, and possibly by those in their apartments and those driving by.

When I know I’m in a conversation with a loud talker, I usually either cut the conversation short, or I’m just really quiet in the conversation.

If people around me can hear my conversation, I’m embarrassed.

Sometimes, there’s an exception. I can understand if I can’t speak low enough for some things. I mean, there just has to be silence.

In the case with the boy by the pool, John and I actually ended up having a conversation about his conversation.

But we were able to have the conversation without him knowing we were having a conversation about him.

Get it?

So maybe I should be happy there are loud talkers in the world. I mean, what else would there be to talk about? 🙂


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