One Digit Off

secretaryI have to follow up on calls every single day of work.

I will call the same person three days in a row for the same reason.

Sometimes, I will have to follow up on calls that other people have made to other people.

It happened to be a Friday, the very last day keeping me from a wonderful week that I get to make a call that will completely change the whole day.

As it turns out, the phone number being called was one digit off.

We were calling someone completely different, who had no idea of what was going on and why we were calling all the time.

As I was on the phone (for almost an hour), I discovered this.

The story I was being told on the phone wasn’t matching up to the file I was looking at on the screen.

This person had a very terrible, horrible, and excruciatingly painful experience not just once, but several times.

I sat on the phone, listening, and was trying to discover a way to get off the phone. I know it was a call that she needed, because she just kept going on and on. Sometimes, people just need a good vent. But, it was a really horrible story.

How do you stop someone? There were several pauses where I had the opportunity, but I was in a real state of shock to really say anything.

I was actually speechless while I was listening.

I do have to admit though, that it might have been shocking, and it might have scared me, and gave me the feeling that my entire stomach was hollow, I think some of it actually sunk in.

I’m having certain thoughts that are now in the bank of my mind, and I start to wonder about the world a little more and a little less at the same time.

Part of me doesn’t realize the realities of the world, because they are out of sight.

This is for everyone. We don’t all know about the murders, rapes, killings, and bombings continually going on around the world, because we don’t come across it. We don’t see it on a regular basis.

Our lives are what we see… and what we don’t see.

But there are people in the world that see what we don’t. And we see things they don’t. It’s an even exchange of experiences and knowledge. And while some might sound crazy, or odd, it might end up saving your life one day.

And I learned all of this, by dialing a phone number that was one digit wrong.


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