Lip Gloss is for the Girls

I was looking for some lip gloss to wear the other day to work. I wanted to find something something a little different even though all my lip glosses are usually some shade of pink.

So, I found one for that day and put some on.

Every girl knows that lip gloss doesn’t last more than 2 hours. Reapplication is necessary through out the day.

After drinking.

Definitely after eating.

Sometimes after talking for a while, it seems to just wear off.

Well, since I was at work, I didn’t reapply as often as I should have done.

Then, I get a glance of myself in the mirror and see that my mouth looks dead, because all of the pink wore off. I reach in my pocket and put some more lip gloss on before heading out.

But do you know what I realized?

Guys don’t like lip gloss.

They aren’t going to kiss you with it on your face. Or at least John isn’t. I get delicate kisses.

Also, some girls don’t understand that you just need a thin layer. Some girls layer it on like they’re smearing concrete.

I opened up my purse and saw all of these lip glosses and for what? Since you have to re-apply the gloss every so often, you kind of run of it fairly quickly.

Especially if it’s your favorite lip gloss, and ladies – you know you have a favorite lip gloss.

We only put it on to look pretty to other girls. If you think otherwise, you’re lying to yourself.

Sure, it might make you feel pretty, but who do you want to be pretty to? Guys certainly don’t like it.

Yup. We do it for the ladies.

We think someone else looks pretty with it, and we want to look pretty with it too.

So we spend money on lip gloss. Lots of lip glosses. You can’t just have ONE lip gloss.

And even if you think the sparkles, smells, and tastes are for the boys…

Lip gloss is for the girls.


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