Love Is Not the Answer

When I hear that a new CD is being released, or a new book is being released, I can guarantee you about 100% that the topic of the CD/book is going to be about love.

People love to write about love.

The happiness of it, the sadness of it, the taboo of it, etc.

I bet you any amount of money, that you can give me 5 break-up songs in the next 60 seconds.

It’s all about finding love, having love, and loosing love.

But what people are sort of failing to realize is that there’s more to the world than love.

However, if I gave you a pen and piece of paper and told you to write a poem, it would probably be about love.

Why? It’s easy.

And don’t look at me like it’s not. Everyone turns into Shakespeare when given the opportunity to write a poem.

But there’s this thing out there called the world. And other things exist in this world. It’s just that the other things don’t sell as much as love does.

So we don’t hear about it enough.

For example, most of my ranting and raving is about not having a job. Do we have any songs about that? Um… no.

Also, I write about depression. And when I say depression, I mean, about the world…. not about depression due to heartbreak.

There is struggle out there. We are all trying to find our place in the world. We have gone through some crazy journeys.

Confusion. I definitely have a lot of this. I am confused about pretty much everything on this Earth. Each day I learn something new that just completely baffles me.


Ohhh.. I’m big on fear. I have a shit ton of fear. I can write a whole encyclopedia on it. But they stopped printing those, so… maybe not.

I know that if you want to reach a large amount of people, love is probably your best bet. To stop and think, and realize that people have many different emotions is just too hard.

Although it might be more CHALLENGING to write about other topics, I’m sure a lot more people will appreciate it. They like to know that someone else out there is struggling with something they are too. Wouldn’t you feel better if someone came up to you, put their arm around you and said, “I know what you’re going through, because I am too.”

It just makes you feel better knowing you’re not the only one. People out there are struggling just like you. In fact, they might have some really good advice on how to handle things. Or at least be beside you on the journey.

I have so much more to talk about than love. Yet every song, or book, or book to movie is about love. I’m not all love. I am me, and I have other feelings that I would much rather explore.

For me, love is not the answer.


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