Life Credits

I talk to a lot of people each day.

This is not by choice. But what’s great about people is that they always surprise you. Every.Single.Time.

When I was in high school, I was taking classes in science, math, English, social studies, and American history.

Now, I truly do believe these are important, I really do. But to an extent.

When two people have a child, the point of parenting is to raise the child to be a functioning person of society.

HOW you raise said child is different, but ultimately, you want this little person to grow up, be smart, live on their own, have a job, get married, and have a baby. Thus, repeating the process of creating more functioning human beings.

To ‘function’ in life, there are a few things you’re going to have to know.

First, and foremost, your car.

Unless you chose to take auto class, no one else was really informed of the class. We were always told it was a class for people who liked working on cars, or machines, or whatever.

Now, I think, 3 credits should be given for auto class. It should be a required course. Because let’s face it, how many of you REALLY KNOW anything about a car?

Every time I have to go to get my oil changed, I break out in a sweat, because I know they’re going to come back and tell me I need $3,000 worth of work on my car, and I wouldn’t know any better!

Auto class would at least teach students a general idea of a car. They don’t have to know how to take one apart, and put it all back together. But, changing the oil, changing a tire, understanding the workings of a car is kind of really important in life.

Banking. I think 3 credits & a required course in banking is necessary. Not math – banking.

In math I learned about parabolas, probability, Pythagorean theorem, and sin/cosine/tangent, none of which have been useful in my life. I didn’t beat out another candidate for a job, because I kicked ass on that probability question on the job application.

If you are to pursue a career in which all that information is necessary, by all means, indulge yourself in the other elective classes for it.

Banking – should be required. When you start to make money, no matter how little it is, you’re going to want to know about APR, default, investments, banking fees, advances, balloon loans, etc.

Those are really important especially if you want to open a credit card, go to college, or buy a house. I knew NOTHING about how banking worked. I had to find out the hard way… through experience. Sure, you might say, “well, in math class we learned about percentages.” Yes, I’m sure you did. We all did. But what we didn’t learn was how it applied to taking out a loan, or buying a credit card. I can tell you that if Susie has 4 apples, and Bobbie has 7 apples, what percentage does Bobby have?

That makes no sense in today’s world.

Health Insurance.

This has become increasingly important in today’s world. I’m pretty sure most young adults, and probably adults in general, have no idea what their health insurance covers and doesn’t cover.

I’ve worked for hospitals, and I know that people just give you their card and tell YOU to figure it out. When really, it’s the importance of THEM to know what’s going on.

Oh! But when something ISN’T covered, everyone’s all irate! “What do you mean it isn’t covered? I’m not paying for that!”

Three credits in a required life class will at least give you the basics of health insurance and how to find out what is covered, what your co-pay is, etc.

I know everyone is thinking, “Kids aren’t going to want to know about this! They can’t sit through English let alone a health insurance class.”


It’s common sense that they are going to NEED & USE this information in life. I think by telling them that, they might take it a bit more seriously than memorizing 15 science definitions by Friday.

Have the other classes too. Still teach English, math, science, world history, etc. We can all be well-rounded. But the future generations need to understand, or at least a crash course in understanding, on what is going to seriously impact their lives… for the rest of their lives.

Instead, everyone will keep referring back to the same old mantra: The best way to learn life skills is to just live life.


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