Who Decided This?

Somewhere along the lines, or the days, it was decided that Beyonce and Jay-Z were queen and king of the world.

I have come across so many pictures of Beyonce with makeup or without makeup and everyone is commenting on how beautiful she is, and how wonderful she is, and creative, and smart.

There are a plethora of stories of Beyonce and Jay Z and how they are such a wonderful power couple and such a great representation of relationships.

And I’m curious as to when this was decided?

I don’t really see the whole appeal here? Is Beyonce pretty? Yes. Do I say that she has the beauty of a Greek god? Not really, no.

Is she a good singer? Yeah, she’s got a voice on her. Do I think she sounds like a heavenly angel that I should bow down to? No… not so much.

Yet there are pictures, stories, and all this other bullshit about how she’s the best in the world, and now, the self-pronounced queen, is queen of the world!

Everyone is calling her Queen Bey.

Now, I have seen her do some interviews. She is asked about her journey here – to the top. She talks about how she worked hard and God has blessed her with such a wonderful life. She feels humble and thankful.

I was able to catch some of her ‘On the Run’ performances on television.

I know that she calls it a ‘performance’ and whatnot, but I don’t really believe her when she’s walking around talking about her ‘niggas’, and there was one song that I am pretty sure was completely made up of the phrase “God damn.”

It was at this point that I just really didn’t understand the whole obsession with her.. and him.

After ‘Drunk in Love’ & ‘Partition’, I haven’ heard anything else from her or her album. And speaking of her album, why is it that when she does provocative and sexy moves, and wears over-revealing clothes, she is ‘taking hold of her sexuality’?

Meanwhile, when every other girl does it – they’re sluts… or objectified?

I don’t hate her or her music, I’m just curious as to why this is all of a sudden “Beyonce’s World” and we are just “mere mortals living in it.”


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