And Now I Really Know…

People often say, “when you meet the right one, you will know it.”

I was always confused by this, because with every guy I’ve dated, I’ve pretty much known they weren’t ‘the one’.

So I never really knew what it felt like to find the right person.

I was in a relationship for quite some time, and I thought that he was the person I was going to marry.

Well, the universe has a way of turning the world upside-down, and it did.

I admit that since then, I have been on this wild and crazy journey with this new person in my life.

It has just been one whirlwind after another. After we met, and became a couple, it had been less than 6 months of dating before we moved in together.

After that, it had been less than a year together before we got engaged.

Things have since slowed down (somewhat), and we have now been living together for over a year, been engaged for a year, and will soon mark our second year together as a couple.

And now, I can say, that I fully understand the phrase, “when you found the one, you will know.”

The whole world seems to change. Like… the. whole. world.

Not just my world and my universe, but the world. Everything looked different, because it now consisted of moving forward as a couple, and taking on the world together.

It felt like I really had a partner, and not just a boyfriend or fiancee.

And it’s because of this that I don’t really understand why people assume marriages.

For example, if a man impregnates a woman, whether or not they were planning it, it is assumed that they are going to have to get married.

Do you really think he’s going to man-up and take of this child? Or do you think he’s going to leave? Or do you think that they get married (and stay married) for the sake of the child?

You need a solid foundation before you begin to build anything. If the couple isn’t going to work out, then it isn’t going to work out – marriage or not.

And you will know it.

You will know when things are really right, and you will know when things are really wrong.

And sometimes, no matter how right you want things to be – if it’s not there, it’s just not there.

But let me tell you this, when it is right, and feels right, and you have found ‘the one’, you will most definitely, without a doubt, know it.


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