(#16) Saving Private Ryan

The first item completed on the list is Saving Private Ryan.

It made the list, because I have never seen it. Everyone I know seems to have seen it, and everyone said it was a great movie!

I remember when it came out, a lot of parents were afraid to let their children see it, because of how graphic the movie was.

Then, as time passed, I slowly forgot to watch it.

So, I put it on the list!

I have to say, that yes, it is extremely graphic. Especially for when it came out. It was definitely the first time I’ve seen a movie portray war as it actually is. And probably, even then, it was portrayed softer than what it truly is.

Even watching it, I realized that – at that time, during war – those fighting for their lives (our lives) were just young boys. Young 18 year old boys facing death before they could even legally drink.

Such a large amount of men died. Some even before they made it to shore. And while we might have thought it was worth it at the time, I don’t understand why. Can you imagine how many mothers cried? And for how long they cried? Her baby was dead before life even started for him.

And what were those mothers to do? Eighteen years of raising your own, only to find out he is now dead. What do you do? Where do you go? How to do you restart your life?

And those men, young men, were entering a battlefield they knew they might not ever leave.

Death is never pretty. It is a hard fact of life that it happens, but it’s never pretty.

As for the movie, I did enjoy it. I did appreciate the fact that war wasn’t shown as some idyllic fantasy of fighting and saving princesses. It’s hard, brutal, and deadly.

I also think the movie should be shown to high school students. They need to know what young adults – who were the same age as they are now – went through. The life they were living versus the life the students are living now. With their iphones, Starbucks coffees, and hipster ways they have now. They need to know boys their age were dying in horrible ways for the sake of others. The selfishness of the youth of today needs to be shown how lucky they are to have the lives they do.

Saving Private Ryan is definitely a great movie to cause a self-reflection, and humbleness for the life you have, and for those who lost theirs for yours.


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