Potato Chips and Grandma

chipsandgrandmaEvery time I have ruffled cheddar chips, or ruffled sour cream and potato chips, I think of my grandma.

When I was younger, my grandma had to babysit both myself and my brother.

She always had these two types of chips. She never had plain, un-ruffled chips.

And she always had empty cool whip containers, or empty butter containers.

When we went to her place, we usually got a plastic bowl full of chips, and we went to watch television.

Come to think of it, we were pretty easy to babysit.

This was back in the day when TGIF was a whole 2 hour block of shows like ‘Sabrina’ and ‘Boy Meets World.’

If it were another day of the week, say a Saturday or a Monday, I would watch Nick at Nite, which had older shows like ‘Bewitched’ and ‘I Love Lucy.’

Whenever the bowl got empty, sometimes I would go for a refill, other times, I would just continue to watch my shows.

Both of my parents worked, so it was quite often that we would be sent to grandma’s to be watched for a few hours.

And it was always pretty much the same. Sometimes we might go outside to play, and there were legos to play with as well.

But we were young, and we were kids, so it was all about the potato chips. Sure we had those at home too, but for some reason, it was different at grandma’s.

And while it’s something so simple and insignificant, it reminds me of her, and simple times.

Lounging around, watching TV, and eating potato chips. That was the life.

And I’m glad that it’s potato chips. Because potato chips are everywhere. I see them all the time.

And on occasion, I’ll have some potato chips. And every time, I will think of my grandma.

I consider myself lucky, because while it’s simple, and stupid, I will have that reminder for the rest of my life.

And for the rest of my life, I will remember her.


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