Adult Children

I always hear people on the radio, or television talking about how we need to stop bullying.

There are commercials for it, and ads, and everything else.

They want to stop it, because a lot of younger adults are committing suicide.

This issue has now become something we should stop.

Are people aware that it NEVER stops?

That even as adults, we bully each other?

A few years back, I started a new job, and for 4 days, we talked about bullying and how to NOT bully people.


Even as adults we can’t get our shit together?!

I thought that was the point OF BECOMING AN ADULT.

We yell at children to behave, to sit down, to stay quite.

But as an adult, we… what? Have a ‘right’ to rebel, disobey, protest, shot, scream, and make posters shoving our opinions and ideas down other peoples’ throats.

We can’t teach our children to stop bullying when it’s never going to end. Even when these kids grow up, they are going to come across some nasty people.

Just open a newspaper, or check news websites.

A woman was shot and killed in the front lawn of her home, because she was teaching her daughter to drive.

A man was shot and killed in a movie theater for not putting away his cell phone.

So how can you tell me that we should stop CHILDREN from bullying?

As adults, we can’t learn to control our behavior? As grown human beings, we can’t learn to be decent human beings?

We have to learn to start changing ourselves first, before we start telling the younger generation what to do.

Because at this point, we are telling our children ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’

And what do you think they are going to do?

As adults, we feel like we have the right to do and say as we please, because we’re adults. We’re grown, we know what we’re doing, we are ‘wiser’ and more ‘educated’.

We’re really just a bunch of big children. That’s pretty much it.

I’ve seen adults throw useless tantrums over the most stupidest of things.

I can’t look at these ‘adults’ and take them seriously when they are acting like children, just because they think they can!

That’s not what being an adult is about. As adult, we are given more responsibility, because society is under this notion that we’re more ‘mature’.


No. No they are not.

We are just older children.

So if you are looking to stop bullying, and help save our children from taking their own lives. Then we must change ourselves. We must realize that they are just learning these behaviors from what they see, and what they are told by their parents.

If you want to raise a child to be a REAL adult?

Start by being one yourself.



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