Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, and Nation of Drama

Our “News” stations aren’t exactly talking about “News” anymore.

I’m sure this has become obvious to a lot of people a long time ago, but I have recently come across the news every now and then, and I must say… it’s just disappointing.

“News” sites aren’t exactly doing any better either.

I have gone to many “news” sites, and have basically seen altered visions of the truth.

There news basically just tells people what to think. And it’s always something dramatic that fits whatever theory they are after at that time.

For example, the Germanwings co-pilot.

No one knows why he took the plane down. We were not him, we were not in his mind, we weren’t his friends, and we basically have no idea.

So, the media finds out that he previously had ‘mental issues’. Now, with ‘mental issues’, you can never be ‘cured’. You’re only in remission.

You can be cured of cancer, pneumonia, headaches, etc. But with a mental issue, you’re never going to be rid of it. Even if you haven’t shown ‘signs’ of it in years.

The news finds this out, and naturally – boom! He was a crazy person. That’s why he crashed the plane. Whew! Glad we solved that mystery.

But here’s the thing. If it had been the other way around. Say if the plane began malfunctioning, and the co-pilot stepped in, and saved the whole plane – his mental issues would have never been mentioned!

Instead, the co-pilot now becomes a “hero” who enjoys running, dogs, and late night swimming.

That whole ‘mental illness’ thing wouldn’t fit into their story of this man being a hero.

In all honesty, we just don’t know. We can speculate, and that is about it.

But with the news, it’s not staying that there is speculation of the co-pilot having a mental breakdown, and crashing the plane.

Nope. He WAS mentally ill, and that’s pretty much all the more you need to know.

The headlines, all splash the same information, “Co-Pilot Hid Mental Illness from Employer”; “The Bomb in Adreas Lubitz’s Head”; “Andreas Lubitz: Rogue Co-Pilot”; “Co-Pilot Commits Suicide”

Everyone needs an attention grabber for their stories. And I get it, I do – drama sells.

From what I’ve read, I’ve heard that he now apparently researched diuretics and laxatives to “spike” the coffee of the pilot. And there actually might have been a “hacker” involved with the plane’s electronic system.

But has anyone stopped to think of his family?

How would you feel if your son’s name was being slandered? People – who you don’t know at all – are saying your son was mentally ill, suicidal, and thus murdered all those on the plane with him?

I’m sure everyone is looking to his family for an explanation as to why their son would do such a thing, but in all honesty, they probably don’t know either.

Who do you think will go to his funeral?

No one will ever know why he did what he did.

It’s just that simple.

I’m sure this story will have its 15 minutes of fame, and then we will move on to some other tragedy that will occur.

Because here in America, we don’t thrive off of the news, we thrive off of the drama.


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