Mexican Pasta Salad (#25)

Mexican Pasta CollageI worked at a bank once, and one of my previous co-workers was talking about a wedding that she was going to.

She said that she had to stop at the store to pick up some ingredients for her Mexican pasta salad.

Now, anything with pasta salad immediately catches my attention.

Believe it or not, this conversation happened about….5 years ago.

So yes, I am crazy enough to hold on to something for that long.

And that is how this recipe made the list!

If you’re interested, the recipe can be found here.

I have to say, that the recipe makes a LARGE AMOUNT of pasta salad. So if you’re interested in just trying it out to see if you like it, I would cut the recipe in half.

When we made it, the salad lasted us about 4 days. There was just too much to finish!

But! It was DELICIOUS!

Personally, I like the salad warmed up. And Iknow that sounds kinda weird. But, we waited for everything to cool, and put some in a bowl, and put it in the microwave for a bit.

We loved it even more!

However, everything is up to you! You can keep it cold, do it warm, add more ingredients…. whatever makes you happy!

No doubt, the next party I’m invited to, this recipe will take all of 15 minutes to make, and it makes a large amount.

I think I’ll have my dish choice covered. 🙂


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