Fly a Kite (#1)

Kite CollageI was walking into my apartment building one day, and there was an elderly gentleman sitting on the chair in the front area.

He had something in his hands that I couldn’t see.

As I approached him, he started talking with me.

What he had was a sort of reel. When I asked what it was for, he said, “To fly a kite.”

And thus borne was this idea.

I had immediately put it on my list.

When I was out and about, I managed to find a kite that was…….. cheap. I’m not going to lie, I don’t know how to fly a kite, so I’m not spending big money on it.

This kite was all of $5. So it was good enough for me!

I wasn’t sure what ‘kite weather’ really was. I mean, I know I had to have wind. But, how windy? Does it matter how windy?

But, we found a day that was worthy of a try. It was slightly windy, and the wind was fairly consistent.

So out we went!

We went to a park near by, and set up our kite. It took all of three minutes to set up, and then… it was go time.

We made a distance between each other, my fiancee had the kite, and was walking further away in the park.

“Okay, that’s good enough!” I shouted.

He threw the kite in the air, and I immediately pulled hard on the string.


I was actually flying a kite!


I thought I was going to have fun, but not THIS MUCH FUN!

It’s just the best thing. It’s SO EASY, and SO CHEAP, and we had smiles on our faces the entire time.

We were zooming it from side-to-side, and letting the string go a little more to see how high we could go.

We each took turns flying it, and we flew it for quite some time.

I think we were really lucky to have found a windy day like we did.

We zoomed it around in the sky for a while, and then decided to bring it down.

We wrapped it up in all of the three minutes it took to put it together.

I have to say that if you are ever board, and it’s windy enough, flying a kite is the way to go!

Super easy, and fun.

I loved it, and I’m so glad it was on my list.

Today, I have made such an amazing memory, that I know when I think of it, I will always smile.


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