Loom Knitting (#10)

Loom Knit CollageA friend of mine once had a scarf on that I really liked.

I found out that she made it!

How awesome is that?

When I asked how, she told me that it was through loom knitting.

So, off to Wal-mart I went!

Surprisingly, they are actually very cheap!

Off to work!

I did a small little hat first so that I could get the hang of the process before taking on an entire scarf!

Once the little hat turned out well, I took on my scarf!

It definitely took some time to make, but in the end, it was AWESOME!

I love it so much!

It extremely warm as well!

While I hate winter, and everything about it, I’m actually hoping to wear my scarf soon. Maybe in the fall? We’ve had a really cold year, so… we’ll see.

Overall, the effort and time is DEFINITELY worth it!


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