Go Ask Alice (#5)


For whatever reason, I never read this book.

I was never assigned it in any of my English classes through high school or college.

I don’t know why. I just wasn’t.

I always hear a lot of people talk about it, or mention it.

While it might have taken me this long, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

First off, it’s a quick and easy read. I think I read it in two days.

I do have to admit I found myself wondering what was going to happen in some parts.

I kept trying to figure out what was going to happen next, and see if I could figure it all out.

When it got to the end of the book, I know that the passage reads that it doesn’t matter what happened in those three weeks before the subject was found dead.

But for me, I think it does.

I wanted to know what happened in those three weeks! I mean, she was doing SO WELL. And then BOOM!

It’s over.

What happened? Where and when did things go so wrong? Was she poisoned?

What happened to our wonderful leading lady?

While I was reading it, I definitely understood a lot of the feelings she had. While I might not have turned to drugs, I have documented my ups and downs in the very same way she did. There were good times, and bad times, and some REALLY bad times for her, and it seemed as if she took it all in stride.

She tried her best to be as prepared as she could have been, and still wanted to do good, and be a good person.

I wanted her to make it, I guess. But, that’s not how life is. And I think that’s what is really sad about the book. The ending is that of a serious reality. Not everyone has a happy ending.

The reader is sort of left wondering what kind of life would she have had if she never died? What could she have done? What could she have accomplished?

And to me, that is why those three missing weeks are so important. What went wrong, and are we able to help fix it?

For once, I was actually hoping for a happy ending. Odd for me, isn’t it?

Now comes the big question: Would I recommend it?

Yes and no.

Yes, because it shows you how you can start down one path, and have it be extremely hard to change, even if you think you really want to. Especially since this is dealing with drugs, I do think that people should be aware that it’s more serious than the movies and TV shows make it out to be.

And I say no, because in the society we have today, it’s all about the visuals. Teens love to see the gore, and that is why there is so much of it out there. So, I think if they were to get an up-close picture of what goes wrong, then I think that will impact more of the kids today than a book would. Sad – I know. But let me tell you, I have been rendered speechless from movies sometimes, because they make such a big impact visually.

So, take with that what you will. I will say that I’m happy to have finally read it! Yay! Another one down, and hopefully more to come!


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