Go to the Aviary (#13)

IAviary Collage‘ve never been to the aviary. That’s pretty much how this made the list.

So we went, and we actually had a really good time!

We both had the notion that birds weren’t exactly going to be exciting. But we actually had fun!

They were really cool. There were so many different types, and there were so many that I have never seen in real-life.

I mean, vultures are REALLY HUGE birds!

We learned all about each species, got to play with the birds, and watched a bat feeding.

Pretty cool, huh? Surprisingly, it was rather affordable. I think we spent about 4 hours there as well. So we at least got our money’s worth.

It definitely makes for a good day. It’s a fun way to spend time learning & having fun.

I’m so happy we did this! Definitely worth it.


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