Defending the Other Side

defendingWe all know that when someone is convicted of a crime, there is a plaintiff and defendant.

Usually when we hear about the story, we automatically pick a side.

He’s guilty!

He’s innocent!

Let’s work out a scenario.

The shooting of Michael Brown.

It’s been a year, and people are still quite sensitive about the subject, so I’m going to tread as lightly as I can.

Let’s refresh everyone’s memory.

Basically, in a nutshell, a white officer (Wilson) was accused of shooting and killing an innocent, unarmed black man (Brown).

Everyone has their side.

He should be charged with murder!

He did it in self-defense!

Whatever you thoughts on the case (against Wilson or not), try -and I mean actually make an effort here people – to see it from the other side of your perspective.

If you think he’s guilty, how would you try to flip the situation and prove that he is innocent? Say you were his lawyer, and you had to defend him.

And don’t give me that whole, “I can’t/won’t defend a guilty man” bullshit. if someone is paying you the salary of a lawyer, you’re going to defend your client. Plain and simple.

So, stretch your imagination if you have to, and find a way to prove him innocent. Innocent enough to win.

Yes, I know that it was already stated there weren’t going to be any indictments, but just roll with it, please.

Now, if you think he’s innocent, let’s cross that line, and find a way to prove him guilty.

Was it really self defense? Where there other options for the officer to use, but chose not to?

Defend your client to the best of your abilities, and earn that lawyer money.

I hear so many people just picking one side, and standing on it no matter what. Even if there’s that possibility they might be wrong, they still stand their ground.

And that’s fine.

But if you take just a minute, and step on the other side of the incident, where you are forced to think the opposite of what you believe. How do things change?

When we watch the news, we are pretty much a voiceless jury. We listen to both sides and make up our minds about it based off of testimony, evidence, etc. But then that’s it. We don’t really have a say in what happens. The only opinions that matter are that of the jury.

With children, I can understand their lack of reasoning, They’re kids, they haven’t fully experienced life yet.

But as adults, we have the knowledge and capability, to think a situation over, and make a decision. We can seek out all the information we want. I mean, really – the internet changed everything for us. We can find out anything and everything about a topic, subject, etc.

And yet, somehow, we act like children, make up our minds, and pout and whine when we don’t get our way.

No one ever tries to see it from the other side. Why? Aren’t you curious as to how they think it is? Why they think that way?

Nope. Not in ‘Murica.

With the internet at our fingertips, we still act as stupid as ever.

The world will care for all of two weeks, and then Kim Kardashian will buy a puppy and we’ll spend the next two weeks on her.

Our news has the attention span of a goldfish.

So try, and I mean really try, don’t half ass it like the American way.

Try to see things from the other side. Try to change how you think about it. You don’t have to totally flip your mind on the issue, but just try to understand the true situation at hand.

Pick your side immediately and up front.

And then, try defending it from the other side.


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