My Love Hate Relationships with Horror Movies

I hate horror movies.

But at the same rate, I love horror movies.

First, I hate them because they scare the crap out of me. I didn’t realize how many fears I had until I started exploring horror films.

Ghosts, monsters, crazy people, possessions, water, tight spaces, outer-space, voodoo… the list really goes on and on. Basically, I fear for my life. If there is any way my life is going to be in danger, no matter what shape, form, type it is, I’m terrified.

About 90% of the horror movies have HORRIBLE endings. Normally when we get to the ‘revelation part’, it’s completely ridiculous. If you watch any of the Paranormal movies, you will understand. Creepy things happening in the apartment or house, totally creepy!

And then the main character, at night, walks out of the house in the backyard (which is always woods), and then is never to be seen again.

Like… wait… what?

Or, when the person (holding the camera themselves as one of those documentary type films), trips and falls, and the camera just has a view of the ground, and then gets shut off…..?

I understand that ‘the unknowing’ can be scary, but at the same time, there sort of needs a conclusion. Just leaving the viewer out there isn’t exactly the scary ending. Trying to lead on that the ‘killer still might be out there’ because they weren’t caught isn’t exactly a spine chiller. Just turn on the news and you can hear dozens of stories of people just randomly being killed, attacked, or robbed. So, I’m already aware that the killers are out in the world.

Please keep in mind that I clearly don’t watch a lot of scary movies (obviously). There are a few movies that I am just staying away from. Just.. no. I’m not going there. I’ve heard about the movie and I know what the story is about and I just… no.

An example would be any movie named after a bug.

I’m sure a few are coming to mind to those who are reading, and you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anything with dolls… nope. The only doll movie I watched was Annabelle. And I still covered my eyes for some parts. Even though the real Annabelle doll wasn’t that scary looking.

Anyway – not the point.

So, where’s the love?

Well, I love them because they make me feel.

Every horror movie that I do attempt to watch, scares me. At least up until a certain point. I’m still scared.

Every. Time.

There are some romance movies that are out there that I like, and others I don’t. Whether it’s the story (or lack thereof), or the chemistry (or lack thereof), it’s usually a hit or miss. There are some comedies out there that don’t really make me laugh… not even once. It might not even elicit a small chuckle.

Horror movies… always scared. I have yet – HAVE YET! – to watch a horror movie and NOT cover my eyes!

I’m almost 30!

I’m actually debating whether or not I should put on my list: watch a scary movie without covering your eyes.

I seriously have to buck up at some point. My mom has rarely (if ever) been scared by a horror movie. I can only think of two -that I know of- that she’s afraid of. I find that to be pretty impressive.

But that emotion – that fear- is always felt in those movies.

So for me, watching a scary movie is a chance to tough it out. To finally be brave and watch it, without the fear, and hopefully -if I’m lucky- keep my eyes open… the WHOLE time.

Plus, it’s always interesting to learn a new fear.

Like, “Wow, Black Eyed Children? Okay, they’re now on this never ending list.”

Or, “Monkeys? Okay, yup. Monkeys.”

I will admit that I do secretly have a list of a few scary/horror movies in mind to watch. They’re usually only about 90 minutes long, which is slightly longer than what it takes for me to get ready on a Friday night out, so I’m somewhat confident in myself.

So one of these days… I will be strong.

And if you see, “watch a scary movie without covering your eyes,” on next year’s list, then you know I haven’t quite succeeded.

But someday.


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