Magic Soap

mystic minerva soapIf I had magic soap, and it could wash away anything, I would have it wash away my fears.

Fear is a big factor in my life. I’m not talking about a fear of spiders and clowns. Although, the soap would wash that away too.

There have been things that I haven’t done BECAUSE of fear. Whether I feared I would fail, or feared I would be embarrassed, or fear I would be harassed or tormented.

I could have probably done a lot more with my life without fear holding me back.

I would also have my soap wash away procrastination.

I am a HUGE procrastinator. Like, I should put it on my resume, because I have so many years of experience with it.

Without fear or procrastination, I can’t even imagine what my life would be. But I can guarantee that it would be awesome. I would have accomplished so much that would be all so different.

Nothing would have stopped me, and I would have actually DONE it.

How many times have you thought that you would do something, but it fell on the back burner?

Something random like cooking lessons. You think, “I would like to take a cooking lesson some time.”

And that ‘some time’ never really comes around?

Well, with my magic soap – no more! Things would get done. Things would be tried that you never tried before because fear held you back.

Imagine it!

Now, I know you’re all thinking, “Um, Jess… you can DO that, you know. Stop procrastinating and stop being scared.”

But for me, some things are just easier said than done. What is easy for one person can be extremely difficult for another.

Math is proof of all of that.

But with my magic soap, it would wash all of that away. And I shower almost EVERY DAY (Sundays are optional).

I would get shit done!

In addition, it would moisturize my skin without leaving any residue. You wouldn’t nee to put on anything after to ‘lock in’ the moisturizer, because with my soap, you wouldn’t need to.

It would come in three scents: pink grapefruit, jasmine, and apple pie.

One bar would cost $3.50. I would want others to be able to do the same and get more out of their life.

If you have to ask if it’s “all natural” and “organic” then you don’t get the soap. You just don’t.

And finally, I would name it “Mystic Minerva Soap.”

I feel pretty confident in that at least.

And I am almost positive, that I would be a billionaire within 3 months. 🙂


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