An Open Letter to My Old 28 Yr. Old Self

goodbye_quotes_28Dear Old 28 Yr. Old Self:

Wow, girl! Seriously! You did some pretty big things! You got a new job, got married, went to Ireland, and got another tattoo.

And those are the high lights. There are other little moments in there such as dying my hair red, cutting my hair (again), working on the 29 Before 29 list. Twenty-eight, you were seriously working hard. And I honestly can’t believe how much you accomplished.

It was a very busy year, and there were a lot of high points, and a lot of low points. But you worked hard and you grew as a person. You did more than you would have thought and you experienced so many things. There are moments that were made that will never ever be forgotten.

Mainly, 28 was the year I got married. And that’s a big event. I mean, really! You’ve waited a long time for this. Plus, you got to leave the country (for the first time) and fly internationally. You went to a whole other country and made so many extraordinary memories. I’m pretty sure I left my heart in Ireland.

You did good, 28. I’m not going to lie. I can’t believe how wonderful you were! It was great having you here and I will never forget everything we went through. I’m really glad to have had someone like you with me this whole year. You were so brave and strong. Thank you for being there with me and I’m going to miss you so much! You were truly wonderful, and I love you. Now, you can kick off your shoes and rest. You can relax knowing you gave it your all and had a kick ass year. Loves and kisses! Miss you already!



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