Remember When…

e03edc9736027387475a0bd5ed6e200ede0d971b9442598ec25e741a38841db4_1I don’t know about you, but there are times when I just randomly think of a time that was YEARS ago when I did something stupid, and I re-live that stupid moment. And then I just feel that embarrassment all over again.

I do this at random times. Something will trigger it, and I’ll remember that time I was walking into the cafeteria in high school for study hall, and I was distracted and crashed into about 6 metal chairs that made such a loud crash I was pretty sure someone thought a mini-explosion occurred.

Don’t know why – but I still remember it. I don’t know why I even still care about something like that! It’s just something that happens… unplanned and un-controllable.

And what pisses me off the most is that *THIS* is what I remember. I don’t remember which presidents are on Mount Rushmore, I don’t remember who we fought in World War I, I don’t remember what the Battle of Bull Run is about, but best believe I remember the time I was running to class and tripped over this couple walking down the hallway side-by-side holding each other (which, how they managed to do that and get to class on time was beyond me since I was running), and I tripped over either one of their feet, or one of my feet, and I fell forward, well, my purse was really big (because I like really big purses), so as I was falling I watched as my purse flew past my head and was rocketing towards the ground taking me with it. And I turned to look at this couple and this stupid kid was like, a year under me! I was a senior and this freaking JUNIOR who was casually walking to class with his girlfriend trips me! I don’t know why I find that to be so embarrassing, but it is. Seriously! Some young’n trips me!

In case you were wondering, I still made it to class. But had I not, *I* would have been blamed! Not the stupid kid and his girlfriend, *ME* because I apparently didn’t plan ahead!

As you see, I still have strong feelings about this, but ask me about Henry VIII and I will draw a complete blank.

I wish I was able to delete memories like that and replace it with USEFUL knowledge. I wish my brain worked more like a computer where I can store absolutely everything and bring it forward at a moment’s notice. If my brain were like that, on that day I would have downloaded some ninja shit or parkour to handle my stumble a little better.

I might be alone in all of this, which is fine, I fully accept the fact that I’m just weird. But it just really sucks and really bums me out whenever one of these flashbacks occurs.

If anyone knows how to delete embarrassing memories, please let me know.


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