Watch: Stand By Me (#6)

mv5bndk2mtkymta1of5bml5banbnxkftztcwotc2njk3oa-_v1_Stand By Me made the list, because I have heard a lot of people reference it or part of it. In that time, I have found out what the movie is about and some of the interesting facts about the main leads.

After watching it, I will admit that it’s one of those ‘feel good’ movies. It’s definitely a character movie so if you haven’t seen it yet, just be prepared for a slower movie. There are no action sequences or explosions. I definitely liked that about the movie. It’s more about the boys, and life, and growing up.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it for any kids sleep overs. Even if you’re looking for something for the family to watch that is out of the ordinary (like no explosions or shootings), then this movie is for you.

I wouldn’t mind watching it again šŸ™‚


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