Technology is Our World

quotation-godfrey-reggio-live-technology-meetville-quotes-32958We live in a technologically saturated society.

People need to come to understand the reality of this.

I do not understand, how there are people who have jobs in this day and age, and have absolutely NO IDEA on how to open a program, save a document, or send an email.

Now, I’m not -by any means- an expert at Microsoft Word or Excel. But I can get myself around pretty well. Enough so that I can do most, if not all, of the demands needed on the job.

I have come across people who are older, and not only have NO IDEA on how to double-click an icon to open the program, but also have NO DESIRE to want to learn.

Believe it or not, I lived during a time when computers didn’t exist. If you wanted to send mail, it was usually through the post office. If you wanted to speak with someone, it was usually by calling them. If you wanted answers to a question, you had to look it up in this thing called a book… specifically an encyclopedia.

I lived through all of that. I lived through the creation of beepers, a portable CD player, and the smaller version of the floppy disk.

When the computer came along, we couldn’t afford one for the longest time. Eventually, we bought one… piece by piece. We had a screen, but no tower, then we got a tower, but didn’t have a mouse. Along the way, I learned how to use one. I learned how to use the programs within the computer.

Eventually, everyone pretty much had a computer. Then it was a cellphone. Then it was laptops.

It was sort of something that we had to learn as a society. We were learning quicker ways to communicate, faster ways to send information, and before we knew it, we had the world at our finger tips with Google.

Now, technology dominates our world. If we were to lose electricity, we are pretty much screwed.

I understand for the older generation, this might be a hard concept to grasp. But if the older generation can get behind the wheel of a vehicle that they can kill someone with, I’m sure they can learn how to use a computer… which kills no one… and doesn’t require an updated license to own or operate. Or a phone that doesn’t kill anyone either… I mean, you could throw it at someone but I don’t think it would kill them.

But, I DO NOT understand how, if you are getting a job in an office that’s going to require you to interact with a computer on a daily basis, you would NOT KNOW how to operate one.

When I apply to jobs, they usually ask if I’m familiar with Microsoft. Other times, it’s pretty much assumed that I know what I’m doing. So now, you’ve lied in your interview and told them that you know you way around and worst case scenario you “can figure it out.”

But by “figuring it out” you mean repeatedly asking your co-workers on a regular basis how to save this document, how to open a new tab, how to switch between tabs, or how to accept an invite in Outlook, you should just admit that you don’t know how to use a computer.

There are classes you can take to help assist you in learning all the wonderful things about the computer. And if you choose not to go to them, it’s no one’s fault but yourself.

Ultimately, you must come to the realization that you will HAVE to learn how to use a computer. In our world, technology is only going to continue to grow. Things are going to get more advanced. It’s just going to happen.

If you don’t start learning now, you will only continue to fall further and further behind.

In addition, your co-workers are going to get irritated with the fact that they have to continually stop what they’re doing to assist you with your computer problems.

Bottom line: Technology is a huge part of this world, and if you want to be part of this world, your going to have to learn technology.


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