Go to Papa Gallo (#7)

Papa Gallo Collage.jpg
I have to get my postings back on track!

So in an effort, I’m going to catch up on some things that have been pushed to the side.

Papa Gallo is a small restaurant that is about, I don’t know… 4 miles from my apartment? I’m not really good with distances. I could definitely walk there if I could without really passing out… so, I’m guessing it’s somewhat close.

Anyway, they are only open for breakfast and lunch. I’ve always seen it, but obviously, never been to it, so it made my list.

Now it’s a smaller restaurant so there are maybe 14 chairs total in the whole place. Everything is made fresh and pretty much right in front of you. The kitchen is definitely within looking distance, so you can see the cook doing pretty much everything to prepare your meal.

I must warn you… go hungry! You will get a LOT of food! I had to take some home because there was SO MUCH of it. Furthermore, it kept us full for HOURS! I mean, we’re talking about 5 hours later and still no desire for food whatsoever.

I would say it’s place to go for a lazy Sunday, but they aren’t open on Sundays. So I guess if you have a lazy Saturday and want to spend time eating your breakfast and reading the paper, then THIS is your place to go!

It’s a nice non-corporate place to go. So, if you’re tired of the Panera’s and the Starbuck’s and want something unique but still cozy, then this is your spot.

They do have a menu online, so if you’re interested in going, but haven’t completely decided, then check out their website and if you like what you see… go for a visit!


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