Painting with a Twist (#11)

paint-nite-collageIt was a big thing to do a paint night with alcohol. It’s still a big thing, but the phase has sort of passed. I still wanted to do it though.

We did it with Paint Nite and we had fun! I know that each painting night has their own rules. With Paint Nite, we didn’t have a stencil already on our canvas. They had the paint,  brushes, and aprons all ready for us when we got there. Since it was hosted at a bar, you could arrive early and get food or you can just get drinks, whichever you preferred.

Since there was no stencil, we were free to make any changes we wanted to; we could personalize it! I’m pretty sure almost everyone did something different, and it was really cool to see what everyone else decided to do.

We had a great time and we would definitely do it again. It was the perfect date night, because it’s not too much (there were only about 20 of us), but just enough to have fun with. Plus everyone there was really nice, supportive, and helpful.

While we did ours through Paint Nite, there are a multitude of other places that offer them, so it’s whichever place you feel like going to.

But it’s definitely fun! So if you are bored and don’t know what to do, go to a paint night!


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