Mystery Dinner

mystery-dinnerAs an anniversary gift, my wonder and amazing husband got us tickets for a Mystery Dinner!

He got the tickets through The Dinner Detective, and I have to admit, it was pretty freaking awesome!

The show we had allowed us to dress up since it was close to Halloween. So, he went as a Jedi and I went as a bumble bee. There were others there that dressed up also, but a few just came in dinner casual wear (which was fine too).

The dinner was a four-course meal, and naturally the show. There’s no real stage so the actors use the whole dinner area. I think everyone there had a great time. Plus, you get to look at clues and put together your idea on who did it. There’s a prize for the top sleuth, but everyone gets to have fun.

I suggest everyone do one of these. Trust me, you’ll thank me since it’s really fun. The food is delicious and you get to meet a lot of fun people as well. We were lucky that we were able to dress up, because there were some pretty cool costumes there.

But if you want to do something for a birthday party, date night, or just want to do something different… this is for you!

Seriously… do it. You’ll truly enjoy yourself!


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