Collector of Stories

Melk Abbey Library, AustriaIf you ever really think about it, we are collectors of stories. We are told stories and we create stories to tell.

We had a new employee start recently and I basically asked him to tell me his story. We had a few discussions on topics and he shared some of his stories. I, in turn, come home and tell my husband about him and his stories. And in the future (whenever that may be), my husband might reference a man his wife works with and his stories.

Our blogs are our daily stories. Those who come here will learn of my birthday adventures and get to peek inside my world on my thoughts and opinions. I have even been known to share a few memories and stories of my own on here.

But stories are not always for our entertainment. Sometimes we need stories to know that we are not alone in our struggles; someone else was in a similar position and they made it out okay. These stories bring us together as a society and world. Some stories are strictly oral while others have been written down (and probably translated) for others to read as well.

I once thought of writing a non-fiction book about my time when I worked at a casino resort. I had so many outrageous stories from there! But instead of being stories for people to relate to, they were stories people were thankful it didn’t happen to them. Yes, there were a few shock-and-awe stories and some sad stories as well. But I can tell you one thing, there was never a dull moment at that place!

Stories are shared so that memories can live on long after those who told them have passed. Never miss an opportunity to collect stories from others. Just by listening, the storyteller knows they will be remembered, even if in the smallest of ways. Be eager to collect stories and tell stories. If you think about it, at the end of the day, you might have a great library full of wonderful stories.




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