Fire Alarms for Adults

fireman-304669_640.pngRemember when you were little, you had practice fire drills in school? Everyone had to get into an orderly fashion, exit the building, and then meet at the flag pole and watch the school burn.

At work we had a fire drill, but it wasn’t so much a “drill.” The voice over the speaker told us to ‘remain at our workstations for the duration of the alarm.’ Now I have to wonder, if there were an actual fire – no one would know what the fuck to do. It’s more like, “run for your lives!” sort of plan. Personally, I find this quite odd. Why is it that we teach children to remain calm, quickly (and quietly) line up, and follow the leader out the door. These tiny little minds are taught this, yet as grown adults, we have nothing! No plan, no map, no meeting spot!

Should we ever actually have a fire, there would be chaos and madness. Then a stampede of people would be filling the staircases and more people will probably be killed by people than by flames. Of all the people who should have maps and plans,  you would think it would be adults.

I think I might have to make my own plans for an escape. I’m too high up to jump out the window, so I’m thinking of finding myself an escape route. I might even randomly have “drills” of my own when I just stand up, calmly (but quickly), make my way out of the building and choose a place where I can have a cup of coffee as the building burns. I can see it now, other co-workers will be jealous of my perfect escape plan!

But seriously – adult fire drills – we need them.


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