Your Comfy Spot

bed-1834327_640I have the hardest time trying to figure out how to make rooms look comfy. I see all of these pictures on Pinterest and I really want to do them, but when I do what I see in the picture… it kind of just looks cluttered… or really sad. Plus, I’m trying to do it with the furniture that we already have and make it as budget friendly as possible.

But how do you do that? How do you make rooms look ‘Home Living’ and ‘Pinterest’ comfy? I know that it takes more than a pillow and a vase of flowers, I can tell you that. I know the architecture of the room is important too, but I’ve seen photos with similar layouts to ours and they made it work.

This is when you know you’re getting older – when you are more interested in creating comfort in your own apartment than figuring out where the party is going to be on Friday. If money wasn’t an option to worry about, I think I would spend my days at Ikea. I want to know who arranges those mini-rooms. Some of them look seriously comfy and chic all at the same time. That tiny 6’x 6′ space looks better than my 15′ x 20′ apartment. home-1416376_640

I remember when Feng Shui was the latest fad for your home and office. There were certain layouts in magazines and online to help harness your Chi with your newly arranged place. You could channel different energies by moving your couch from the south wall to the north wall of your home.

There’s a girl that I work with who has the comfiest cubicle! I don’t know how she does it, but I would rather spend time in her cube than mine! I try to keep mine all tidy and clean, but her cube is all…. I don’t know… warm and welcoming. We have the same size space to work with and I just… suck at it. Then again, I’ve never really been into ‘nesting’ my cube. I don’t ever want to get comfortable so that I can have a clean and quick exit. So should I get fired, I can fit everything I own in one green, reusable, and environment safe cloth bag and leave in one trip. Packing up when you’re fired (or quitting) is always extremely depressing. You’re taking down all the memories you made throughout your time there. My husband recently had to pack up his desk and even though it wasn’t because he was fired or quit…. it still looked really depressing. You’re like, sitting on the bus with this box filled with all of your accumulated things.

Plus, I always thought it was weird that when people first started a job, they had their cube decorated within the first half hour they were there. One time, I saw a new employee with two boxes of cube decorations; it was like he was moving into an apartment or something. There was so much stuff! Now that I think of it, his cube didn’t even look comfy… more like cluttered… apparently he lacked the same interior decoration gene as me.home-office-902342_640

I wonder if there’s a job for people you can pay to come and decorate your cube; do a little ‘cube staging’ if you will. I’m sure they would make more money than you think. People need offices decorated, I’m sure they can find someone to decorate a cube.

But I still push on trying to create comfort within the spaces that I live and work. Maybe some day I’ll achieve it and I’ll give you guys a show. But until then, my cube just looks like a neglected puppy (but not the Sarah McLachlan type of depressing puppy – just a regular one).


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