the girl.

This part is always the hardest.

“Tell us about yourself,” seems to be the most cliched line of them all. It’s the ice-breaker at the beginning of every class, training course, and therapy session. Everyone knows who they are but for some reason when it comes to expressing it, everyone tends to have a loss for words. Even when someone tries to make it simple, “Who is (insert name)?”

“Who am I? I’m Jessica. Isn’t that obvious from the sheet of paper you are looking at with my name already on it?”

Everyone wants to be the creative one. We’re all interesting people but how do you express it without sounding boring? “I like to drink coffee… a lot.”

Sometimes, one might try to avoid revealing something they enjoy not because they’re embarrassed by it but rather because it might come off the wrong way, say: “I enjoy reading” (think: nerd).

One might rely on a profession to discuss. However, being a twenty-something girl who is out of college with a piece of paper that says that I’m a writer and no set ‘career’ that expresses it… I sort of look like a lost puppy. I haven’t published any major books and I’m far from winning any accolades for writing. But I can have my dreams.

Perhaps a simple line up of stats is fitting.
Height: 5′ 3″
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark Brown
Weight: okay, so this wasn’t a good idea.

I once read that certain colleges have some of the hardest essay prompts on their exams. Perhaps one of them was “Tell me about yourself”. Seems to be a stumper here.


I guess, in the most boring way to put it:
I like coffee.
I enjoy reading.
I’m a hopeful writer.
I enjoy a plethora of things that are too boring to list.
I am married.
I love my husband very much!
I’m more interesting than I make myself sound (at least I hope so).

So, I guess that’s me… in a nutshell of sorts.


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