27 Before 27: Recap

It has been an incredible year, not only because of my list, but also because of the external events that have taken place. I will admit, I didn’t complete it. And I’m kind of sad, because this is the second time I’ve done it. The first time, I didn’t complete everything and now, I’ve done the same. But, I have a new list coming – which I will get to – and I hope I can be better with this coming year. Okay, let’s start: 1. Night at the drive-in – completed – see post 2. 31 Days of Vegetarian … Continue reading 27 Before 27: Recap

Watch Documentaries (#3)

On my 27 before 27 list, I had #3 – Watch a documentary a week for a birthday year. I have successfully completed this task! Woo! I have to say that this was definitely an awesome choice to put on the list, because I truly did learn a lot about a variety of things. I watched documentaries on happiness, love, sex, religion, history, etc. It is just interesting to know how much of the world there is out there to learn about. Plus, it’s just a little something to make you a little bit smarter. I could go through all … Continue reading Watch Documentaries (#3)

31 Days of No Junk Food (#14)

Number fourteen on my list is to go 31 days with no junk food. What did I define as junk food? Chips, cookies, candies, candy bars, cake, pies, etc. Everything that we know is a junk food, pretty much. This, for me was kind of difficult and kind of not. I don’t eat a lot of sweets/junk food on a daily basis. So, in a sense, it was easy in that manner. But at the same rate, when I was craving something, I couldn’t let myself have it. Which, was kind of hard because if I wanted it, I usually … Continue reading 31 Days of No Junk Food (#14)

31 Days of Vegetarian (#2)

As part of my list, I wanted to do 31 days of being a vegetarian. For starters, I wanted to see how the other side lived, I guess. It was a challenge that I wanted to try to see if I could do it and to find out if it made me feel any different about eating meat. Also, I wanted to see if there were any major differences in my body. For the most part, it was difficult to be a vegetarian purely because it limited a lot of what I could and could not eat. I pretty much … Continue reading 31 Days of Vegetarian (#2)

Read a Biography (#11)

As part of my list (that seems to be taking forever to complete haha) was to read a biography. The reason this made the list was simple: I’ve never done it before. I’ve always been weary of them because I never thought they would be interesting. I mean, MY life isn’t all that interesting, why would someone else’s be? Turn’s out… they actually are! I chose to read Dick Van Dyke’s My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business. I must say, I definitely want to go back and re-watch all the episodes from The Dick Van Dyke Show … Continue reading Read a Biography (#11)

Go to an Art Exhibit (#7)

I’m making progress on my list, aren’t I? Well, I wanted to go to an Art Exhibit because I wanted to get more culture into my life. I’ve wanted to do art, play, and musical because they are creative outlets. I think they are amazing and I think every expression of creativity is important. But, moving on. My girlfriend and I went to ToonSeum. Thanks to the help of Groupon, we were able to get two tickets and two goodie-bags which were really cool and were a nice little touch of¬†souvenirs. If you wanted to just walk in and go … Continue reading Go to an Art Exhibit (#7)

Make Coffee Cake (#17)

As part of my list, I wanted to make coffee cake. I’ve never made it and I’ve never really had coffee cake and coffee. So, I figured that since my boyfriend has a Keurig, that we would have some awesome coffee and coffee cake. I found the recipe here, and I have to admit, it does take a while to make. We made it the night before since it’s about 2 hours to make it and figured we would let it cool overnight and have it first thing in the morning. Overall, the recipe is quite easy. We didn’t struggle … Continue reading Make Coffee Cake (#17)

Karma (5/5)

Karma There is something lurking around the corners of everywhere I go. A shadow that catches my eye causing me to glance. I stop and hold my breath at every move I make closing my eyes in fear. I’m so scared of what is following me, so scared of what may happen. I feel a breath on my neck and shutter at the¬†slightest movement I hear. I don’t know what I can do to clear the things I have done; to right the wrongs enough to never worry again, that I may pay for what has happened. I take off … Continue reading Karma (5/5)

Conflicted (4/5)

Conflicted Lessons from the past, new experiences of today; situations are new, but circumstances are the same. How do I know when to hold on and when to let go? Pulled at both ends; unsure what is right. Flashbacks of the past haunt me: yet joyous experiences of today light my days. But viewing the future has a cloud of the past lingering on the side. How do I know if I will need an umbrella or just a caution in case? The sunny path ahead feels so scary when it should be welcoming. The dark hands of the past … Continue reading Conflicted (4/5)

Night at the Drive-In (#1)

On my great list of things to do, I listed that I wanted to go to the drive-in only because it has been YEARS since I’ve gone. So, with it on my list – it soon became a priority. Since the weather has warmed, the local drive-ins have been opening and offering some really great double features. The one of choice was: Star Trek and Oblivion Two action movies for the price of one,you got it! Plus, Groupon makes it easy to find some really awesome summer deals! But – back to the experience – I really enjoyed myself. I … Continue reading Night at the Drive-In (#1)