I’m Engaged!

Hey there! For all of you who have been following, I would first like to thank you for coming back to read my rants. Also, I would like to invite you to share with me a new life event: I’m engaged! I have now gone from that ‘girlfriend’ to ‘fiance’. I am the luckiest girl in the world. John is truly amazing, fantastic, and absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better man. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of us together throughout the blog, and you can see he’s been with me through a lot of these wild adventures … Continue reading I’m Engaged!

Welcome to the Public

I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked with the public practically my whole life. It’s only about recently that I’ve had jobs where I don’t interact with them. Anyone who has ever worked with the public knows anything is possible. I have stories of the strangest, weirdest, craziest things people have done just by working in sales. John and I were out doing errands, and getting groceries. I saw this little note taped to the door of the freezer section. I apologize for it being blurry, I couldn’t stop laughing enough to hold the camera still. This is just … Continue reading Welcome to the Public


I was walking around the mall the other day, and this is what I found. Now, I didn’t realize that Justin Bieber had a thing for me. I mean, it’s Justin ❤ Jessica. Not the other way around. I know Jessica is a common name, and there were other shirts there with different bands and different names. I just think it’s really sort of surreal to see my name out in public, even if it’s just my first name. I don’t feel that it’s speaking to me in anyway, it’s just odd to see my name when it’s not in … Continue reading JB & JF

It Really Is That Cold Out

I couldn’t cover myself up any further, because I wouldn’t see. There is a difference between cold, and the-wind-blowing cold. Guess which one this was? I didn’t even care if I looked like a crazy person…. it was freaking cold! From what I hear, it’s only going to get worse. Time to bring out the big scarf! P.S. If you have any other REALLY BIG scarves…. send them my way. Thank you in advance. Continue reading It Really Is That Cold Out

Office Party

There are so many parties around this time of year. Office parties, Holiday parties, Family parties, Just Because parties, Lets Have a Party So We Can Eat parties. I mean, I’m worn out here! Parties all around. You would think that I would be filled with joy and excitement. Parties! Woo Hoo! Let’s Get Drunk! But, no, not really. I’m kind of tired. From all the shopping. And spending. And eating. And dressing up. I want some cozy sweat pants and a fire. And hot chocolate. With a good movie. And my boyfriend. And Chica. Party On! Continue reading Office Party

It’s All About the Shoes

It’s winter. It’s going to snow. Knowing this, you should prepare. As I did. With shopping. And buying boots. I never understand how people freak out over the weather. The weather man said it was going to snow. People act so surprised as if the world was ending and we didn’t get the memo. But, again. It’s winter. It’s going to snow. And I have really, awesome, amazing boots. Be jealous. Continue reading It’s All About the Shoes