Having That ‘Hard Talk’ With Yourself

It’s always hard to come to terms with the fact that you need to change. Yes, I know everyone is all “Love me for who I am,” and that’s fine. But then there are times when you have to look yourself in the mirror and admit that something has to change. Whether that means starting a healthier habit, or working on your patience, or even watching your budget. Change isn’t bad. It might be uncomfortable and scary, but it’s not bad. Want to know why? Because things are likely to change again… and again. Also, working on yourself isn’t a … Continue reading Having That ‘Hard Talk’ With Yourself

Marriage: Censored

Before I got married, I asked those who were married (and those who were divorced) to tell me some words of wisdom. The second I asked this, I saw the wheels begin to turn in everyone’s head. They all looked at each other and said, “Well, we don’t want to scare her…” And then they gave me some filtered words of wisdom. I say ‘filtered’ because they were the same things that get told time and time again: Don’t go to bed angry; be sure to communicate; realize that marriage is a compromise. Now keep in mind, I have been … Continue reading Marriage: Censored

No Fluff

The thing about my writing is that I want it to get across a point or opinion. The readers don’t have to agree with my persepective. They can just take it as an after thought and move on with their lives. I feel this way, because that’s the way I see other blogs that I read. I’ll read their perspective, their reasonings, and walk away with more of an understanding on why people see things the way they do. I personally hate fluff writing. Sometimes I’ll give in and read something that sounds a little delicious, but for the most … Continue reading No Fluff

Magic Soap

If I had magic soap, and it could wash away anything, I would have it wash away my fears. Fear is a big factor in my life. I’m not talking about a fear of spiders and clowns. Although, the soap would wash that away too. There have been things that I haven’t done BECAUSE of fear. Whether I feared I would fail, or feared I would be embarrassed, or fear I would be harassed or tormented. I could have probably done a lot more with my life without fear holding me back. I would also have my soap wash away … Continue reading Magic Soap

Something’s Brewing

Sometimes when I bring something up to someone, they might say, “Well that’s coming from left-field. When did you decide this?” And it’s true… for them. For me, I have thought about this for a while. A long while. If I have an idea to do something, I won’t just start talking about it, and doing it. I have to think about it. I mean, REALLY think about it. There have been some things that I have been wanting to do for a few weeks, but I haven’t done anything yet. I haven’t even talked about it to anyone yet. … Continue reading Something’s Brewing

Tornado Watch

There’s a person who is a tornado. She comes in, stomping, throws her purse and bags on her desk, landing with a large crash. She sits down, and somehow the chair creaks and rattles with her. She sighs and it echoes through the whole office. She opens a paper bag, crinkling and snapping as she pulls out whatever she is eating. The can of soda snaps and pops open. Ever her phone ringtone is loud enough to be heard 12 cubicles down. Her natural speaking tone is at the same decibel of a teenage girl at a One Direction concert. … Continue reading Tornado Watch

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, and Nation of Drama

Our “News” stations aren’t exactly talking about “News” anymore. I’m sure this has become obvious to a lot of people a long time ago, but I have recently come across the news every now and then, and I must say… it’s just disappointing. “News” sites aren’t exactly doing any better either. I have gone to many “news” sites, and have basically seen altered visions of the truth. There news basically just tells people what to think. And it’s always something dramatic that fits whatever theory they are after at that time. For example, the Germanwings co-pilot. No one knows why … Continue reading Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, and Nation of Drama

Giving Up on the Dream

I have been searching desperately for employment, and it is depressing in more ways than one. I graduated college in 2009 with an English degree. I tried really hard to find a place that would allow me to build upon my skills. Whether it was in marketing, communications, or advertising, I didn’t care. I just wanted to use my skills and build upon them. But as the years went on, I wasn’t able to find a job in my field. I was fresh out of college – with no life experience – and the world was in the middle of … Continue reading Giving Up on the Dream

An Open Letter to My New 28 Year Old Self

Dear 28: Hello. Welcome. Take a look around, and see what you are walking in to. We’re going to be together for a whole year. I’m not going to lie, 27 had a rough year. What you have to work with, isn’t a lot. But, it’s up to you to do something about it. There are a lot of goals that have been set for you to reach. And there are a lot of obstacles that lie ahead of you. It’s just an unpredictable, never ending, roller coaster ride. You have to be prepared for anything, and I have a … Continue reading An Open Letter to My New 28 Year Old Self

No Wind

Lately, I feel like I have no wind in my sails. I’m not really sure where I want to go. And I’m talking both short-term and long-term destinations. Even through the week, I am so exhausted that I just want to sleep… forever. The winter is a difficult time for me since there’s a lack of sun, and it’s really friggin’ cold out to do anything. So when the 2015 year was coming (and came), I feel like I’m unprepared. I’m not ready for it to be a new year, because I haven’t figured things out yet. I don’t have … Continue reading No Wind