Fire Alarms for Adults

Remember when you were little, you had practice fire drills in school? Everyone had to get into an orderly fashion, exit the building, and then meet at the flag pole and watch the school burn. At work we had a fire drill, but it wasn’t so much a “drill.” The voice over the speaker told us to ‘remain at our workstations for the duration of the alarm.’ Now I have to wonder, if there were an actual fire – no one would know what the fuck to do. It’s more like, “run for your lives!” sort of plan. Personally, I … Continue reading Fire Alarms for Adults

Collector of Stories

If you ever really think about it, we are collectors of stories. We are told stories and we create stories to tell. We had a new employee start recently and I basically asked him to tell me his story. We had a few discussions on topics and he shared some of his stories. I, in turn, come home and tell my husband about him and his stories. And in the future (whenever that may be), my husband might reference a man his wife works with and his stories. Our blogs are our daily stories. Those who come here will learn … Continue reading Collector of Stories

Practice Makes… Things Worse

This is just pure speculation because I don’t really know the truth or reality of it. But let me give you a scenario: Think of one of your favorite bands or music artists. Don’t let it be someone that just broke the scene, either. This band/artist needs to have been around for a while. Got one? Great. I have a particular artist that I absolutely love. I have all of her cd’s (some are pure electronic, others I have the actual disc) and I really enjoy her music, personality, ideas, etc. Her first album was phenomenal. I know every song, … Continue reading Practice Makes… Things Worse

Bringing in the New Year

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great and safe New Year celebration. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but class has been keeping me busy pretty much every single day and night that I have available. I do want to get back into writing though, because I feel like I need to do something that I ACTUALLY like. I feel like most of my days are spent doing things I don’t want to do, but sort of have to. I’m sure I’m not the only one who isn’t too crazy happy to go to work most … Continue reading Bringing in the New Year

Mystery Dinner

As an anniversary gift, my wonder and amazing husband got us tickets for a Mystery Dinner! He got the tickets through The Dinner Detective, and I have to admit, it was pretty freaking awesome! The show we had allowed us to dress up since it was close to Halloween. So, he went as a Jedi and I went as a bumble bee. There were others there that dressed up also, but a few just came in dinner casual wear (which was fine too). The dinner was a four-course meal, and naturally the show. There’s no real stage so the actors … Continue reading Mystery Dinner

Painting with a Twist (#11)

It was a big thing to do a paint night with alcohol. It’s still a big thing, but the phase has sort of passed. I still wanted to do it though. We did it with Paint Nite and we had fun! I know that each painting night has their own rules. With Paint Nite, we didn’t have a stencil already on our canvas. They had the paint, ¬†brushes, and aprons all ready for us when we got there. Since it was hosted at a bar, you could arrive early and get food or you can just get drinks, whichever you … Continue reading Painting with a Twist (#11)

Strangers, Allies and Foes

When I took my screen writing class, and as I go through a novel writing class, I realize that I have to create a world for my characters to live in. This world can be any world that I want it to be. Since I’m not a huge fan of science fiction (but I have read it), I usually choose my world to be identical to my world – Earth, I guess you would say. And while writing my world, I have learned that there are mainly three types of people: Strangers, allies, and foes.¬†Strangers exist in the world. They … Continue reading Strangers, Allies and Foes

Watch Your Language!

I work with a few people who have English as their second language. And I never really thought about how I spoke until I had to have conversations with them on a daily basis. Believe it or not, the manner in which we speak is incredibly complex. When talking to a friend, I basically talk in incomplete sentences. A lot of what I say is implied and my tone directs the whole topic. Next time you’re out in public, just give a quick listen to a nearby conversation and you will realize why English is so hard to learn. English … Continue reading Watch Your Language!

Read: Hitchhiker’s Guide (#17)

Once upon a time, I started to read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and then something happened and I never finished it. Well, on the list it went! I finished the book in maybe 3 days? It’s not a very long book and it’s definitely an easy read. Plus, it’s hilarious and fun to read. I’m actually almost finished with the second book in the series (Restaurant at the End of the Universe). This is a book that I recommend everyone read. Like I said, it’s funny and it’s a quick read so you can still have time to read … Continue reading Read: Hitchhiker’s Guide (#17)

First, You Decide…

Lately I have been feeling a little…. off. It’s really hard to explain the feeling I’m having. Disappointment? Sadness? I’m not too sure, but I’m going to try. A few years ago, I was in a different place in my life (as I’m sure we all were). But I was a different person too. And believe it or not, I really liked that person. She was disciplined, active, informed, and quite happy with her life. Now, I think back to that girl and wonder what happened to her? I feel like now, I’m so out of touch with everything, lazy, … Continue reading First, You Decide…