An Open Letter to the Old 27 Year Old Me

Dear 27: Wow. It has been one hell of a year. So many things have happened that it’s just amazing how much occurs in just 12 months! Twenty-seven, you got engaged! Way to go, girl! You got yourself off of unemployment, and into a full-time job! You’ve kept up hope for as long as you could, and you got through the rough times. And from what I can remember, this was not a year of tears. You did good. I’m not disappointed in you in any way. Times were hard this year, but you made the best of what you … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Old 27 Year Old Me

What Has Been Going On?

I know, I know, it’s been a while. I have been going through so many crazy things in my life. I have actually been going through so many things emotionally. I have a birthday coming up. And while I have a birthday coming up every year, this year, I have to have my drivers license renewed. I know people stress about it sometimes, because they never come out right, and everyone thinks they look awful. But the thing is, I looked nice. I really did. I think this was the best one yet. And I think back to that time, … Continue reading What Has Been Going On?

It Used to Be…

I always hear people say, “Back when I grew up, it used to be different…” Hell, even now I can say it! When I ask, “How? How was it different then?” The person would go on describing how his/her world was, and I sit there trying to picture it the way they do – the way it used to be. Some of the stories sound really wonderful. Local towns would be decorated, and have gatherings, and farmer’s markets, etc. People didn’t really have a means of transportation, so they either: walked, took a bus, or took a train. That was … Continue reading It Used to Be…

Crow’s Feet & Cellulite

I’m going to first start off by saying that yes, I realize I’m only 27; however, I still have a right to complain. I’ve been noticing a few things about myself lately. First off, was my single gray hair. Then, other things came along such as the slowing of my metabolism… which I’m still attempting (somewhat) to fight with exercise. I’ve noticed that a ‘hangover’ is more like a ‘hangover-the next three days’. I can always tell when a storm is coming, because I have the biggest headache ever… which isn’t as cool as I thought it was when I … Continue reading Crow’s Feet & Cellulite

An Open Letter to My 26 Year-Old Self

Dear 26: Where do I even begin? You started out this year in a really crazy place. You were starting to build up your life again after a major tragedy that changed your life forever. Looking back, I still don’t even know how you did it. I don’t know how you pulled through the darkness, and came to the light. It was rough, but you got back on the bike and tried again. Soon, it was March. You met a wonderful man named John. While you weren’t really sure where things were going and how you felt, you took a … Continue reading An Open Letter to My 26 Year-Old Self

A Single Gray Hair

I’ve noticed something a while back – I have a single gray hair. Just one. It’s right in front too! Right in the bang area. This tells me either one of two things: 1 – It’s about that time to color my hair again 2 – Holy Shit! I’m getting old! I’m sure some of you are rooting for the former rather than the latter but still, it makes me wonder. I’m apparently the only one who notices it too. John claims he can’t see the glimmer of my single, rather glossy, gray strand. It’s there. Trust me. This for … Continue reading A Single Gray Hair

30 Things You Should Know Before 30

So, I found an article on MSN and it was titled the same as my title – 30 Things You Should Know Before 30. Instead of just putting a link in here and telling you to go read it, I’ll list it here. I mean, you’re already here anyway, right? Okay, so, I have to say, I have some things to work on on the list but I’m okay with that. I still have the next 4 years of my life to get my shit together. But, just for funzies, how about we give it a look anyway? 1. How … Continue reading 30 Things You Should Know Before 30

When Did I Get Old?

I was on the internet the other day browsing around and I came across an article talking about the ages of celebrities. I’m not going to lie, when I found out how old some of these people were, I was completely shocked! I’ve been listening and watching these people all throughout my life and for whatever reason, I thought they were timeless. I thought that while I was getting older, they just forever remained the same age. I don’t even know why! I mean, I would have that moment every now and then when I would see a picture of … Continue reading When Did I Get Old?

Too Young, Too Old

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this but how come no one is ever ‘at the right age’ to do a lot of things? I’ve heard by parents tell me time and time again that I’m too young to settle down with a guy. “Wait til you’re older,” they always say. But the thing of it is, when exactly this that ‘older’ age? Others who are my age are married… some even have a kid… or more than one kid. I’m told that ‘it’s okay for them, but I’m still too young.’ Again, I’m not real sure what that … Continue reading Too Young, Too Old