Rewind. Play. Rewind. Play

Have you ever had one of those moments that you just can’t get out of your head? You just play it, again, and again, in your mind. Again, and again. You torture yourself with it. The moment is gone, and is slowly creeping further and further in to the past. And you think, “If only I did/didn’t do that…” You just start thinking about how things could have been different, or things might be better. In reality, you don’t know how things would have turned out. While you think it might have been for the better,  you will never truly … Continue reading Rewind. Play. Rewind. Play

And Then Things Changed

I would first like to start off by saying this was not my fault. I did not seek this out, it was presented to me, and I had to look at it to determine it’s usefulness. Okay. Sometimes… wait… no, scratch that. ALL THE TIME we need documentation to prove something. You need a receipt to prove you bought that item. You need documentation that you were born even though I’m standing right in front of you. I was sent documentation to prove a transaction. As I was sifting through the paperwork, I came upon something very interesting. Everyone loves … Continue reading And Then Things Changed

It Used to Be…

I always hear people say, “Back when I grew up, it used to be different…” Hell, even now I can say it! When I ask, “How? How was it different then?” The person would go on describing how his/her world was, and I sit there trying to picture it the way they do – the way it used to be. Some of the stories sound really wonderful. Local towns would be decorated, and have gatherings, and farmer’s markets, etc. People didn’t really have a means of transportation, so they either: walked, took a bus, or took a train. That was … Continue reading It Used to Be…

Change Can Be Good

Change is inevitable. Whether we notice it or not, it happens. Change is often viewed as either good or bad. A change of your hair color can be fun and great. A change of furniture in a room can be satisfying. A change of paint on the walls can transform a room like you wouldn’t believe. And of course, change can be bad: A change of a house due to a fire. A change of life due to a severe injury. A change due a loss of a loved one. Either way, things are going to change. But here’s the … Continue reading Change Can Be Good

Realizations We Don’t Want to Make

I’m the type of person who really hopes people can change. I blame this on romantic comedies. My ladies know the type: Incorrigible guy meets quirky girl and throughout the movie, she ‘changes’ him and he becomes all quirky too and they fall in love and then – happily ever after! Safe to say it’s due to the rom-coms. I’ve personally changed in my life. Not exactly by thousands of feet, but I have. I know I’ve grown, I know I’ve matured, I know I see the world differently now than previously. But I also know that I see myself differently too. … Continue reading Realizations We Don’t Want to Make

When You Know and They Don’t

There’s something to having knowledge before others that sort of changes things for you. I thought I was the one that was going to be dropping the bomb and as it turns out, it was dropped on me instead. I recently decided that my current place of employment just wasn’t working out for me. It started okay in the beginning and then somewhere along the lines, things took towards a decline and there was no longer any benefits to be made for either me or the company. I’ve mentioned on here before that I’m quite analytic when it comes to … Continue reading When You Know and They Don’t

Dirty Laundry

I’ve always been the one who is concerned about the dirty laundry. I’m not sure why. Most of my friends aren’t really affected by it but for me, it’s a big deal. I’ve been searching around to see if someone out there feels the same way I do, and for the most part, I’ve found that some people pick and choose their laundry… just like everything else. Someone’s past is a big part of their his/her life; it’s what has shaped him/her to the person he/she is now. In short, it matters. It just does. Now, how much weight that … Continue reading Dirty Laundry

20 Seconds

I came across this picture once and I saved it because I wanted it to be a reminder to me that sometimes, you just have to be brave. I love to live inside my comfort bubble and just stay in there where it is safe but I know I can’t stay in there forever. When I was younger, I was always so brave. I don’t know why. But, I wasn’t afraid of as much then as I am now. I think there was something to the adrenaline or something. That big rush you got before the plunge. My heart would beat so … Continue reading 20 Seconds

An Open Letter to the Old, 25 Year Old Me

Dear 25 Year Old Jessica: Wow. You were something! I thought 24 year old me was awesome but you are definitely an incredible woman. You have done a hell of a lot! I’m so incredibly proud of you and I hate that I have to say goodbye. You had a lot on your plate at the beginning… I’m not going to lie. I mean, there was that whole 26 Before 26 list and you kicked butt with the first go around. We’ve done so much together on that list. We took a lot of great memories as well to commemorate every … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Old, 25 Year Old Me

And Then Everything Changed…

At work, I have Pandora in the background playing whatever tunes they feel that I like… they get it right sometimes, I won’t lie. If you’ve ever been to Pandora, you’ll see that whichever band is playing, they normally provide some sort of Bio to accompany the songs. Every now and then, I’ll hop over and check out some lyrics that I’ve been mis-singing for a while and there’s the chance that a line from the bio will interest me and I’ll have a quick read or gland through what I see. It’s quite common that I read something of … Continue reading And Then Everything Changed…