Go to Papa Gallo (#7)

I have to get my postings back on track! So in an effort, I’m going to catch up on some things that have been pushed to the side. Papa Gallo is a small restaurant that is about, I don’t know… 4 miles from my apartment? I’m not really good with distances. I could definitely walk there if I could without really passing out… so, I’m guessing it’s somewhat close. Anyway, they are only open for breakfast and lunch. I’ve always seen it, but obviously, never been to it, so it made my list. Now it’s a smaller restaurant so there are … Continue reading Go to Papa Gallo (#7)

(#23) Make: Cake Pops

Cake pops have recently become very popular. So, they made the list! I do have to say, that they are incredibly easy to make! I’m mean REALLY easy. And they taste absolutely delicious!! I would definitely make them again. I wasn’t sure how many pops we would get out of the ‘one serving’ recipe. But, we were able to get almost 50 pops with just the basic recipe. We didn’t double any of the ingredients, or anything like that. We had so much fun making them, and eating them! Honestly, I would say that they are truly something quick and … Continue reading (#23) Make: Cake Pops

Make a Gourmet Cupcake (#1)

Moving right along on my things to do. I wanted to make a gourmet cupcake, because it’s better than your average little cupcake. But, I didn’t know what classified a cupcake as ‘gourmet’. Apparently, it’s anything that you can fancy up. So, I chose Chai Cupcakes. The recipe can be found here. I have to say, the ingredients are rather hard to find, especially the spices. When you use them though, because it’s the true spice and not imitation or artificial flavor, you really get a slap in the face with Chai. I mean really! Plus, you make the icing … Continue reading Make a Gourmet Cupcake (#1)

Cinco de Mayo

In high school, this day would be freaking huge for Spanish classes and clubs. People brought in delicious foods, sometimes decorations, Hispanic television, and awesome Cinco de Mayo shirts. I still have a few of them from high school. I know, I know, I’m holding on to my youth. But these were some awesome shirts. While I’m not Hispanic (and neither is John), we still had some Hispanic food to celebrate! We had some chips and salsa, and chicken enchiladas. It wasn’t anything big… just being a little festive! The way I see it, if we take the time to … Continue reading Cinco de Mayo

Leprechaun Parfait (#3)

Top o’ the Mornin’ to Ya! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I know some of you (or most of you) celebrated it on Saturday, but here’s to the real day! 🙂 Number three on the list is to make a Leprechaun Parfait. I do not remember where I found the original recipe. It is quite easy to remember, so I just memorized the ingredients, and procedure and I was done. Leprechaun Parfait (makes 1) Ingredients: – Two vanilla pudding Cups – Green food coloring – Lucky Charms cereal Instructions: Mix food coloring in to each vanilla pudding cup separately. Mix until … Continue reading Leprechaun Parfait (#3)

31 Days of Vegetarian (#2)

As part of my list, I wanted to do 31 days of being a vegetarian. For starters, I wanted to see how the other side lived, I guess. It was a challenge that I wanted to try to see if I could do it and to find out if it made me feel any different about eating meat. Also, I wanted to see if there were any major differences in my body. For the most part, it was difficult to be a vegetarian purely because it limited a lot of what I could and could not eat. I pretty much … Continue reading 31 Days of Vegetarian (#2)

The Polish Market

As I’m sure you’re well aware, I’m Polish. I love to embrace my heritage in every possible way. That being said, when I found out that Pittsburgh has a Polish Market, my dupa couldn’t get there quick enough! I would highly, highly, highly recommend spending a Saturday at the Strip District. There is so much to eat, see, buy, and hear. It’s truly an amazing place to be on a Saturday… or any day really. The Polish Deli is very small but very good. We embraced some pierogies, haluszki, and kielbasy an it was freaking fantastic! My belly was so … Continue reading The Polish Market

First Meal of the Day

I’m not really a big breakfast person. I’ll enjoy it every now and then but I don’t ‘crave’ pancakes… or waffles… or sausages or eggs. If someone is going to cook me breakfast, then yes, I’ll eat it but I’m not going to go and do it myself. I don’t even care for cereal all that much. When I do manage to get up early enough to have time to get breakfast, I love my coffee and a bagel. It just seems like the perfect breakfast. Fortunately for me, I was up and in the city early with my boyfriend … Continue reading First Meal of the Day

Make Coffee Cake (#17)

As part of my list, I wanted to make coffee cake. I’ve never made it and I’ve never really had coffee cake and coffee. So, I figured that since my boyfriend has a Keurig, that we would have some awesome coffee and coffee cake. I found the recipe here, and I have to admit, it does take a while to make. We made it the night before since it’s about 2 hours to make it and figured we would let it cool overnight and have it first thing in the morning. Overall, the recipe is quite easy. We didn’t struggle … Continue reading Make Coffee Cake (#17)