Buy My Mom Flowers (#28)

My mom is a wonderful woman. She’s a hard worker, compassionate, funny, and an all around amazing woman. She raised both my brother and I with good morals. She was stern and taught us right from wrong. Being a mother is incredibly difficult. Being a father is hard too. You can’t forget the dad’s out there. But my mom gave me life. And I feel like she doesn’t get enough credit for what she does. Recently, my mom has been through a lot. She’s come across a wave of battles that she’s constantly pushing through. And while I can’t help … Continue reading Buy My Mom Flowers (#28)

And Now I Really Know…

People often say, “when you meet the right one, you will know it.” I was always confused by this, because with every guy I’ve dated, I’ve pretty much known they weren’t ‘the one’. So I never really knew what it felt like to find the right person. I was in a relationship for quite some time, and I thought that he was the person I was going to marry. Well, the universe has a way of turning the world upside-down, and it did. I admit that since then, I have been on this wild and crazy journey with this new … Continue reading And Now I Really Know…

What Would You Say?

A woman I work with was talking about her current situation regarding a certain gentleman in her life. She doesn’t know what to do, and she has all these feelings, but things are just not happening. She was talking about it to absolutely everyone, and just felt like things could change. Basically, in a nut shell, this guy was just an asshole to her for a week, and since it’s been a while that she’s had a guy interested in her, she wanted to hold on as long as possible. Everyone wanted to be positive for her. They told her … Continue reading What Would You Say?

Love Is Not the Answer

When I hear that a new CD is being released, or a new book is being released, I can guarantee you about 100% that the topic of the CD/book is going to be about love. People love to write about love. The happiness of it, the sadness of it, the taboo of it, etc. I bet you any amount of money, that you can give me 5 break-up songs in the next 60 seconds. It’s all about finding love, having love, and loosing love. But what people are sort of failing to realize is that there’s more to the world … Continue reading Love Is Not the Answer

Hand Out Valentine’s (#12)

The first item completed on the new list was to hand out Valentine’s! I was really excited about this because when was the last time we handed out Valentine’s? Or even received them? So, I went out and bought some Star Wars Valentine’s from Walmart. I sat and wrote them out for our whole 5th floor, and for the apartment staff. It was totally fun, because we did it late at night… like little elves… the day before Valentine’s Day. Some of them had difficulty sticking, so we got some tape (instead of the Star Wars stickers provided) to help … Continue reading Hand Out Valentine’s (#12)

Most Memorable Valentine’s Day

There is one Valentine’s Day that I will always remember, and hold dear to my heart. It was back in… 2005… HOLY SHIT! This was THAT LONG AGO??!! I was 18! I’ve remembered this for almost a decade now… God, do I feel old. Anyway, back in 2005 (sobs), my girlfriend (Chica) and I, didn’t have Valentine’s dates. But, we didn’t want to just sit at home, and feel bummed about it. So, we decided to go out and have a date of our own. I’m pretty sure we ate somewhere, I’m thinking Eat N’ Park, but I’m not sure. … Continue reading Most Memorable Valentine’s Day

I’m Engaged!

Hey there! For all of you who have been following, I would first like to thank you for coming back to read my rants. Also, I would like to invite you to share with me a new life event: I’m engaged! I have now gone from that ‘girlfriend’ to ‘fiance’. I am the luckiest girl in the world. John is truly amazing, fantastic, and absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better man. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of us together throughout the blog, and you can see he’s been with me through a lot of these wild adventures … Continue reading I’m Engaged!

I Love You More When You’re Gone

The other day, my boyfriend and I were doing laundry. He grabbed a basket and left the apartment to head to the laundry room. While, he was out, I continued to tidy up the house. As I wrote in Pieces of You, there were traces of his presence all around. In the bedroom, I found a shirt he had left behind. I picked it up and smelled it, and when I did, I smelled him. He claims he only smells like sweat, but it’s not, it’s him. It was at this moment that I really truly missed him. I know … Continue reading I Love You More When You’re Gone

Relapses & Remissions

What I never really understood when it came to mental disorders was that you could go into remission but never be healed. Once that diagnosis is placed on you, you are forever labeled. Even if it’s been years or decades, you’re still only in remission. No one is perfect. No one can start on a diet and NEVER fail at it… not even once. No one can start an exercise program and take an unscheduled ‘day off’. No one can write a book and NOT have a chapter that’s slightly not as good as the rest of them. We can … Continue reading Relapses & Remissions

His & Hers

This is a picture I took before the boyfriend and I headed out to Idlewild for some fun. The day took a crazy turn and ended up completely different than we were planning but it was still fun. We both like coffee. I’ll admit that I’m a coffee addict, and the boyfriend definitely likes coffee… but not as much as I do. It’s really awesome to have something like this in common with a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s something simple you can always come back to. We met in a Starbucks, so we know that we can always have coffee … Continue reading His & Hers