Watch Pulp Fiction (#12)

For the longest time I have wanted to watch Pulp Fiction. Reason being is that everyone seems to know about it; it’s one of those cult classics. People know it and quote it and even wear shirts about it. So, I wanted to see what the big deal was! I have to say, it’s a typical Tarantino movie. And what makes it all the more… interesting… is that it was released in 1994. Now in 1994, I was 7. So my world was a little bit different than what the rest of the world was like in 1994. In addition, … Continue reading Watch Pulp Fiction (#12)

(#15) Cool Hand Luke

I like older movies. I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Move Over, Darling, Rear Window, Charade, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, etc. I don’t mind the stories, the lack of CGI, the lack of obscenities, and a ton more glamour. But when it came to Cool Hand Luke, I think I missed something. I understand the story. The whole movie is about a man who rebels against the life of a prisoner. Naturally, he tries to escape numerous times, and by doing so, gives hope to his other inmates. And that’s about it. The main point I don’t understand is, at the beginning, Luke gets … Continue reading (#15) Cool Hand Luke

(#16) Saving Private Ryan

The first item completed on the list is Saving Private Ryan. It made the list, because I have never seen it. Everyone I know seems to have seen it, and everyone said it was a great movie! I remember when it came out, a lot of parents were afraid to let their children see it, because of how graphic the movie was. Then, as time passed, I slowly forgot to watch it. So, I put it on the list! I have to say, that yes, it is extremely graphic. Especially for when it came out. It was definitely the first … Continue reading (#16) Saving Private Ryan

The Green Mile (#7)

This movie made the list, because it was extremely popular (released in 1999), and it was nominated for numerous awards. I’ve heard that it’s on a lot of ‘Top Lists’ of movies. Everyone that I know who has seen it recommended it to me. So, finally, I decided to watch it. I had it listed on my 26 Before 26 list; however, I never got the chance to complete it. It’s amazing how you can’t find time for a movie. But, I knew it was long and everyone said it was good, so I wanted to really give my full … Continue reading The Green Mile (#7)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (#2)

Number two on the list was to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The reason? I’ve always heard people talk about it or reference it, or mimic the name in some sort of way. Plus, I had previously read the biography of Dick Van Dyke and was really interested in what he said about the movies he worked on. CCBB is a musical (of course) where everyone knows the words and dance moves necessary to put on a really great show. Released in 1968; I wasn’t even the twinkle in someone’s eye. I’ve been drawn to older movies thanks to my … Continue reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (#2)

28 Before 28

Here it is! The BIG REVEAL for this year! There was a lot of thought put in to this; I wanted this year to mean something to me. Since I haven’t been able to complete the last two lists, I’m hoping that I got it right this time and will be able to conquer it all. Without further adieu, here is the list: 28 Before 28 1. Make a Gourmet Cupcake 2. Watch: Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang 3. Make a Leprechaun parfait 4. Buy flowers for my mom 5. Go to the batting cages 6. Read: One for the Money 7. … Continue reading 28 Before 28

27 Before 27: Recap

It has been an incredible year, not only because of my list, but also because of the external events that have taken place. I will admit, I didn’t complete it. And I’m kind of sad, because this is the second time I’ve done it. The first time, I didn’t complete everything and now, I’ve done the same. But, I have a new list coming – which I will get to – and I hope I can be better with this coming year. Okay, let’s start: 1. Night at the drive-in – completed – see post 2. 31 Days of Vegetarian … Continue reading 27 Before 27: Recap

I Just Can’t Do It

Okay, so, as you know now… a little late… I’m moving. So with that comes a whole new part of you that you never really thought you had in you. There’s either two ways it goes: a) you think, “Oh my God! Look at this crap!” and start throwing everything away or b) You think, “Oh my God! I’m going to keep this forever! For the first half of my packing, a lot got thrown away. I was just really tired of it and it was irritating me, so, I pitched it. Trust me, I threw away a lot of … Continue reading I Just Can’t Do It

Night at the Drive-In (#1)

On my great list of things to do, I listed that I wanted to go to the drive-in only because it has been YEARS since I’ve gone. So, with it on my list – it soon became a priority. Since the weather has warmed, the local drive-ins have been opening and offering some really great double features. The one of choice was: Star Trek and Oblivion Two action movies for the price of one,you got it! Plus, Groupon makes it easy to find some really awesome summer deals! But – back to the experience – I really enjoyed myself. I … Continue reading Night at the Drive-In (#1)