When is ‘Long Enough’?

I was at work the other day, and someone must have said something to trigger a memory of mine. It made me think of someone. I haven’t thought of him in a while. He was… is someone so special. When I first met him, he was 7. He was cute as a button, and as wild as any 7 year old boy would be. He had so much energy & happiness. To hear him laugh instantly made you laugh as well. I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to have good manners. He was surprisingly well-behaved also. … Continue reading When is ‘Long Enough’?

Turn Down the Volume

I don’t understand how people can be loud talkers. John &  I have this ability to have a conversation at a lower volume, and still understand each other. I’m pretty confident that if we were in a library, we would be able to communicate just fine. Some people on the other hand, can’t speak on a lower volume to save their lives. My brother, for instance, could never speak in a lower tone. I don’t know why, but he never could. As a child, he was a loud talker, but I thought he would have out-grown it. Not really. Even … Continue reading Turn Down the Volume

Be Done With It

I apparently have too much caring in me. I always knew that, and it’s a hard life living with it. I care about things I shouldn’t care about; I worry about things I shouldn’t worry about. It’s my life. But sometimes, I forget. That’s when reality comes along and says, “Jess, just be done with it.” And when I say reality, I mean my supervisor. I was told today that I care way too much about my clients and I need to learn to let go. “Just do your job and be done with it.” I want to help these … Continue reading Be Done With It

King of Anything

I’ve been working with the public for a decade now, so a lot of this is coming from direct experience. For those of you who haven’t, or for those of you who have – you’re going to get your fair warning of what it’s like to deal with the public. I will never, never, never understand why the customers think they can get everything in the store for free. Do they know how businesses work? Apparently not, because when something goes wrong (their fault or not), they’re always asking for the key to the kingdom. I’ve known customers to walk … Continue reading King of Anything

Same Story, Different Version

When I read this, I was absolutely stunned. For so long, I’ve had this thought, I’ve just never been able to put it into words. There have been so many times and instances when I thought I saw someone I knew. In reality, it was someone else, but to me, they were the person I knew from somewhere else. There is someone right now who reminds me of someone else. But in a good way. I feel like they are still a part of my life even though they might not be with me right this second. It sort of … Continue reading Same Story, Different Version

The Devil Wears Scrubs

…amongst other things I’m sure. But for this visit, it was in scrubs. There are people out there who have done a really great and amazing job to get where they are now. I’m sure they have toiled, worked, failed, toiled again, and finally after years of hard work, made it to where they are now. I get that. I do. I know the meaning of hard work, and money. Trust me. I’ve been there. However, I don’t think that this gives you the right to forget that people are just that – people. We have flaws. Shocking, I know, … Continue reading The Devil Wears Scrubs

Leading the Horse to Water

I have a lot of people in my life who are just not willing to do something that will benefit them. This, confuses the hell out of me. I don’t have a job, so I’m applying to get a job. There are others who hate their job, and when I sent them applications to other jobs, they won’t fill them out. I’ll always ask, “If you hate your job so much, why didn’t you fill out the 20 applications I sent you?” The response: “Well, I don’t know…I don’t think I’m ready.” I’m not asking these people to up and … Continue reading Leading the Horse to Water

Welcome to the Public

I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked with the public practically my whole life. It’s only about recently that I’ve had jobs where I don’t interact with them. Anyone who has ever worked with the public knows anything is possible. I have stories of the strangest, weirdest, craziest things people have done just by working in sales. John and I were out doing errands, and getting groceries. I saw this little note taped to the door of the freezer section. I apologize for it being blurry, I couldn’t stop laughing enough to hold the camera still. This is just … Continue reading Welcome to the Public

Born Evil

Ever notice how some people are just consistently horrible people? There’s not even a redeeming quality they have either to compensate. These people are just hard core terrible people. They manipulate others, cause havoc to people, and are just generally cruel. It even boils down to the simplest things. Something simple such as saying something nice is just impossible for these types of people. What happened to, “If it’s not nice…don’t say it”? In addition, it seems like these people go out of their way to say something cruel. These people come in, and do just one thing to screw … Continue reading Born Evil

Ms. Negativity

I think we all know someone who is a complete Ms. Negativity or Debbie Downer. These are people who just hate everything and find everything to be absolutely miserable… every day… all the time. Never letting up, either. It’s amazing someone can put that much effort towards hating everything. What I find interesting is that people either join in with her or remain completely quite. There’s no one ever making that effort to change the conversation because they already know how it’s going to go: towards negativity. For another inexplicable reason, people WANT to be around this miserable being. I’m … Continue reading Ms. Negativity