Butterflies (2/5)

Butterflies Butterflies fluttering around in my stomach causing me to smile for no reason Butterflies carrying around my thoughts causing me to daydream all day long Butterflies tickling my heart causing it to skip when I think of you Butterflies dancing near my feet lifting me up to cloud nine Butterflies I thought I lost were returned in abundance by you. -jmf Advertisements Continue reading Butterflies (2/5)

Onion, Orange, and Watermelon

No, this is not some weird joke about fruit and vegetables. I once was at a training seminar and the speaker was talking about the types of skin we should have. It was supposed to be ‘anti-bully’ but everyone and their dog knew people were assholes and it wasn’t going to stop just because a Mr. Roger’s presenter told us to stop. But we had to review the different types of skin. First, there was the onion. The onion has thin layers and thus, as a person with thin layers you can take everything to heart and even a slight/simple … Continue reading Onion, Orange, and Watermelon

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

I read somewhere a maxim of some sort that basically stated that the people in our lives are just mirrors of ourselves and who we are. For whatever reason, I refused to believe this. I don’t know why I was so against this idea. I was just, completely set in not thinking this was true. The reason being was because I have some pretty shitty people in my life right now. I thought, “No, there’s no way I’m just as shitty as those people are. I’m a good person! How are they my reflection?” Then, there was a day when … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

What Did I Just Say?

Maybe it’s just me, but I often have that situation where I’m trying to make a good first impression with someone and it seems like everything that comes out of my mouth makes me look like an idiot. “Why did I just say that?” I often ask myself. So, I’m already all frustrated and nervous and when I try to rectify my horrible embarassment, I only seem to make things worse. Either I follow up with an even more outrageous comment or I try to explain ‘what I really meant’ and just begin to babble and ramble away not making … Continue reading What Did I Just Say?

An Open Letter to My 17 Yr. Old Self About Love

Dear 17 Yr. Old Jessica, I know that right now you think that you are never going to find anyone and you’re going to die alone with a bunch of cats because the couple of dudes that you HAVE dated are jerks and you’re never going to find the elusive ‘one’ that is going to make you whole. Listen to me, you’re going to be fine; stop worrying. Stop! Stop it! Soon, there are going to be two guys entering your life that are forever going to change you. While these experiences are going to be great, they are ultimately … Continue reading An Open Letter to My 17 Yr. Old Self About Love

Love in the Wind

Working with the public, I tend to come in contact with my fair share of people. While everyone has their complaints about how people can be assholes (which is true) there are some of them I came in contact with that truly taught me something about life or at least gave me something to think about. There is a large population of older adults that are still very active in the community. I always find these people to be the ones you want to talk to. They always have something to say or to teach you. For the most part, … Continue reading Love in the Wind

Always On Your Side

I have come across many people in my life who have ‘always been on my side’. The reason I say it that way is because they are really on no one’s side and even if you ask them to pick an opinion all on their own, they sort of just pick the one you have. For example, Martha is a co-worker/school mate/friend/acquaintance/whatever and you tell Martha that you love chocolate cake. “Oh! I love chocolate cake too! It’s totally the best!” and you continue on for about 20 mins. discussing your shared love of chocolate cake. Three days later, you, … Continue reading Always On Your Side

Assuming Relationships

In the past jobs that I have held, I’ve beenĀ in the position where I have had to ask the relationship between two people. You would think this would be fairly easy. In most cases, the people that I interact with feel that it is clearly easy enough to figure out the relationship status. However, when I simply ask to verify, I almost always receive some sort of attitude. For example, I see a man, a woman, and a child. The woman is the child’s mother. What is the man? Some might clearly answer he is the father. But, we can’t … Continue reading Assuming Relationships

All or Nothing

Some people live their lives with others in an ‘all or nothing’ type of relationship. I have come across probably about a good dozen people who start out as your friend or even as a great work acquaintance that you know you can have a great conversation with at work on your down time or whatever. Then something happens. Either the other person wants to maybe have more of a romantic relationship or maybe that person starts to hang around a little too much that your work begins to get pushed to the side because this person wants to really … Continue reading All or Nothing

Trust No One

And it is a mark of prudence never to trust wholly in those things which have once deceived us. – Rene Descartes When making a new friend in life, you have to always try testing out their trust. In my younger years, “Cross your heart and hope to die…” would have sufficed. Later in life, I learned that those I trusted had lied to me or taken advantage of that trust. It’s hard to even find a good person nowadays let alone find a good friend. When I start talking to people that I just met who could actually become … Continue reading Trust No One