Turn Down the Volume

I don’t understand how people can be loud talkers. John &  I have this ability to have a conversation at a lower volume, and still understand each other. I’m pretty confident that if we were in a library, we would be able to communicate just fine. Some people on the other hand, can’t speak on a lower volume to save their lives. My brother, for instance, could never speak in a lower tone. I don’t know why, but he never could. As a child, he was a loud talker, but I thought he would have out-grown it. Not really. Even … Continue reading Turn Down the Volume

Work BFF’s

Do you have a work BFF? I don’t. I don’t think I want one. I have people that I talk to at work, but I don’t consider them my bff’s. There are people that I work with that not only spend the work day together, but also go out afterwards for food, drinks, movies, etc. I always stop and think, “Why?” I see enough of that person at work, I don’t want to see them more than I have to. I think it’s because I associate them WITH work. Not as people who just happen to work at the same … Continue reading Work BFF’s

Don’t Listen to Me

Where I work,  we are all divided into cubicles. Maybe you’re familiar with this setting. Anyway, while we have high walls – I can’t see my supervisor unless I stand up and move to the end of my cubicle – we also have high voices. When I’m on the phone with a customer, which is 98% of the time, I have to communicate to them why I’m calling, who I am, etc. Some people, in case you didn’t know, are really hard of hearing. Furthermore, I can’t exactly be whispering into the phone. So when I’m talking to these people, … Continue reading Don’t Listen to Me

It’s Not Whispering If You Shout It

I was in an office setting, where everyone had their cubicles, and it was open so they could see who was sitting in the seats. I was sitting in one of the seats, waiting for a document to come through so that I may proceed on to my business. With my body facing my computer, the gentlemen behind me apparently thought I can’t hear them when I face away from them. “She is a total wreck.” “I know, the last girl did fine. This girl has all these notes and paperwork… and she still doesn’t get it.” “Well, she just … Continue reading It’s Not Whispering If You Shout It

Freudian Slips

Every time I say, “Is that a Freudian slip?” everyone asks, “What’s a Freudian slip?” I just roll my eyes and say, “Nevermind.” But, for those of you reading, I will explain what it is (if you don’t already know). Freud believed that when a person has a ‘slip of the tongue’, and a statement/idea is revealed, that it was a ‘slip’ of your subconscious. So, if someone says, “Yeah, like that’ll ever happen! Ha! Just kidding!” – Freud would look at this and say that the person doesn’t believe it will happen at all – and is using ‘just … Continue reading Freudian Slips

The Storyteller

I was once reading a story about the writers who have lived before my time; Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Emerson, etc. And I was following along just perfectly, imagining the scenery and the voices. Now, imagine with me a situation where all of these people had dinner together. Can you imagine the conversation? The way writers view the world is a lot different than the way scientists view the world. Can you imagine having Fitzgerald telling you about his day, and what he had done? While it might seem like a petty conversation, I’m sure they all did it. I mean, writing … Continue reading The Storyteller

Choose Wisely

I’ve often been told to “not choose my words.” I’m always confused by this request. I mean, I’m an English major and writer. Words are kind of my thing. I think that I would rather choose the right words than back peddling to try to re-explain “what I really meant.” I want to explain what I’m feeling in a way that expresses without offending. Have you ever said, “I just hate her.” Then, later, you find out you really kind of like her. Instead of just saying, “Yeah, I’m wrong, I’ve changed my mind” we hate to admit we were … Continue reading Choose Wisely

No One Knows Anything

We have a way of finding out information on anything and everything we ever wanted to know. Have a question? Go to Google. Try Bing. Yahoo! We have the capability of learning more than we ever thought we could in school. We can extend our knowledge exponentially. We can become an extremely intelligent human being. Yet we rarely take advantage of this. We would rather make up shit or bullshit our way out of anything than actually go out and learn something. We’ve become arrogant of our stupidity. No one wants to admit they don’t know jack. Instead of making … Continue reading No One Knows Anything


Have you ever noticed that people use the word ‘so’ quite a lot? In fact, most people are now using it at the end of every sentence… as if it’s a period. I don’t really know how this trend all started but it’s definitely proof that we are getting lazier. I mean, we’ve become so lazy that we can’t finish sentences now? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, think of a time when this happened: Friend: Did you go to the mall yesterday? Me: No, I had to stay late at work, so…. Technically it should be: No, … Continue reading So…

To Text or Not to Text?

Maybe due to may over-analytic personality, these things matter to me, but I keep track of how often I text and get texted. If I find I’m the one always texting or starting the conversation, I’ll back off and wait for the other person to text first. If it takes months, then so be it. I feel that any relationship be it friendship or romantic, should be 50/50. If I’m the only one reaching out and making the effort, then I begin to wonder how invested the other person is to the relationship. But it always comes down to that … Continue reading To Text or Not to Text?