Screenwriting Class (#29)

I was browsing Groupon one day, and I saw a Groupon for a Screenwriting Course. My mind immediately thought, “Why not?” Thus, it came to be that taking the course would make it to my list. First and foremost, I was not paid to take this course nor was I paid to write a review on this course. Also, Groupon has no idea that I have mentioned them so it’s safe to say I wasn’t paid by Groupon to use their name in this post. Moving on… The course was for Industrial Scripts. There, they have a whole list of … Continue reading Screenwriting Class (#29)

Use Your Adjectives!

There are some books I have read and thought, “Does this person only know 5 adjectives?” I say that because it seems like the same five words are used, again, and again, and again, and again. I would like to believe that – if you are going to write a book – your publisher would say something along the lines of, “Well, you’ve used the word ‘tentatively’ about 25 times in the last 10 pages. Maybe we should try for another word?” If you are writing a book, I would also like to believe you have a love of words. … Continue reading Use Your Adjectives!

The Rest is History

Not too long ago, we were doing a sort of ‘spring cleaning’ around the holidays. While cleaning out the closet, I found my very first diary. When I opened it to find out when I started writing, I found out that I was 7. I was 7 years old when my mom gave me a diary to write it. She believed every girl needed a diary. I remember asking her what I was supposed to write about. I mean, I was 7 and this whole diary-thing was a rather new concept. I mean, write about your day? What does that … Continue reading The Rest is History

Broken Pipes

There are things that happen in my life that trigger a blog. Something small might happen, but it has a big meaning to it. Or I might see or experience something that I take in terms of the world and not just in that moment. And sometimes, I have nothing. The past few days have literally existed of work and sleep. I’ve been rather exhausted, and I think it’s due to the crappy weather. When I come home from work, I just want to sleep. It’s raining, a little cold, and this is the perfect set-up for nap time. Other … Continue reading Broken Pipes

Six Word Short Story

I recently discovered a nice little article about the Six Word Short Story. While it’s highly debated as to how this story went, I will share with you the most popular version. Ernest Hemingway was at a coffee shop with his friends. They were discussing writing the shortest short story. Each of them threw in $10 and Hemingway came out with the six word short story. For sale: Baby shoes, Never Worn And he grabbed his earnings from the table. Now, I’m sure you can see that these six words really can say volumes and the story is quite sad. … Continue reading Six Word Short Story

Created by: You

I was given a paper to edit the other day. As I was reading through it, something in a sentence seemed off. I didn’t know if it needed a comma or maybe remove a word… I wasn’t sure. So, I entered it it Microsoft Word and it said everything looked fine. But something still looked off for me. Then, I went on Google to see if it was right. After a few clicks here and there, I found out… the sentence was fine. This is when it started. I read on and found another sentence that didn’t seem right. Again, … Continue reading Created by: You


A new barrier has been broken. This is my 400th post! I honestly can not believe this. I still remember starting this blog and hoping that I was going to have something to write about and hoping that it was going to be something great and not crap. I have to say, I honestly didn’t think I would make it to 400. I remember writing about 200 posts and thinking that it was going to take me forever to do what I had previously written. I know there are many out there who have written over 1,000 posts and I’m … Continue reading Touchstones

Conflicted (4/5)

Conflicted Lessons from the past, new experiences of today; situations are new, but circumstances are the same. How do I know when to hold on and when to let go? Pulled at both ends; unsure what is right. Flashbacks of the past haunt me: yet joyous experiences of today light my days. But viewing the future has a cloud of the past lingering on the side. How do I know if I will need an umbrella or just a caution in case? The sunny path ahead feels so scary when it should be welcoming. The dark hands of the past … Continue reading Conflicted (4/5)

Butterflies (2/5)

Butterflies Butterflies fluttering around in my stomach causing me to smile for no reason Butterflies carrying around my thoughts causing me to daydream all day long Butterflies tickling my heart causing it to skip when I think of you Butterflies dancing near my feet lifting me up to cloud nine Butterflies I thought I lost were returned in abundance by you. -jmf Continue reading Butterflies (2/5)

One White Camisole (#20; 1/5)

Number 20 in my list is to write five poems. This made the list because I was following a blog on WordPress that is no longer active. The writer wrote poems and I thought they were absolutely beautiful. I wish I would have told her more often then maybe she still might be writing. Either way, she inspired me to want to write more poetry. I spend a lot of time thinking of topics to write in here and it’s easier to do think of those topics and just write; however, to write a poem is a little bit more … Continue reading One White Camisole (#20; 1/5)