The Manifesto.

A manifesto is defined as a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives as issued by the government, political party, or movement. (Thank you

While I’m not declaring anything on behalf of a movement or political party, it’s something that I wanted to do for myself because I want to hold myself accountable for becoming a better person. I want to declare to the world (in a sense) that I want to be a better person; to push forward in evolving into someone better; to continue to grow. Self-growth is something that has become very important to me because if not for self-growth, then what is the point of being here? Why stay stagnant? Why remain the same person? I understand that we naturally grow as humans and that we do not think nor act the same way we did as children; however, there is also other ways to achieve self-growth and that is by self-reflection. You have to reflect inward and find out who it is you want to be and then push towards that goal. While I’m not setting goals to invent new currency or new languages, I am setting goals to make changes to myself, my habits, and my life to hopefully be more fulfilled with who I am and what I am doing in this world. As always, this is subject to change. So, without further ado here is my manifesto:



I want to establish a sleeping pattern that allows me to make the most of my day. While my hours of work may vary, my hours of sleep must remain consistent. Try working with seven hours of sleep to allow for maximum time awake to achieve daily goals. One day a week will be allotted for a ‘sleep in’ day. Possibly try to keep the ‘day’ consistent despite schedule changes.


Be more productive with free/downtime. Try finding out what works best to balance what needs to be done versus what you want to do. Make a list of what is important to achieve during that day and make sure it gets done first thing if possible. These things are important to you. Why not make every effort to achieve it? Doing nothing is wasting time. Looking over the day, it should not have been wasted. Successful people are successful because they made use of their downtime – so do it too!


The only person standing in your way of accomplishing anything is you. Yes, you! Quit being lazy! Quit complaining! Start doing! The only person suffering is you. You complain about not being skinny, yet you are the one that didn’t go to the gym. You are the one that chose to eat like a cow today. You. You. You. You complain about not reading enough yet you don’t make time to read. Make the time. The only person who can make all of these changes is you. If you want to be skinnier, be active! Be stern with yourself and go to the gym. You want to eat better? Be active and quit eating burgers! Like sleeping in, everyone deserves their rewards. So yes, one day of splurge is fine. Especially if there is a celebration or event where eating food provided instead of sought out is necessary. But again – Be Stern!


This is your contract to yourself to be more active. You want to do more. You have a list of accomplishments that you want to achieve with your fitness and health so do it. End of story. There are no excuses other than severe pain that can add injury to your body. Don’t forget to take care of your body as well as work it out. Days off are okay as long as you are being productive with your fitness in other ways. Seek out what you can do away from the gym. You have running, weight lifting and swimming lined up. You also have at home exercises lined up. So quit with the excuses and start doing. As Nike always says, “Just Do It.”


Why must I spell this out for you? You want to have a better lifestyle? You want to be healthier? You want to look better? Put down the Ben and Jerry’s and pick up some fruit. Think before you eat. This is easier said than done, I know. You have listed to be stern with yourself and this is the time to do it – with your eating habits. Change your way of thinking: It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle. Do not deprive yourself; however, that is not the okay to grab a family size of Doritos and chow down. Think before you eat. Remember your goals. Remember what you are trying to achieve. Watch your portions. Keep your cravings in check and surround yourself with better food options. Be healthy!


I know that finding time is always hard. But someone out there who is busier than you is doing all the things you want to be doing too. You are going to have to push yourself. Go outside of your lovely and beautiful Comfort Zone and start reading the news and start watching foreign films and start reading biographies. Get yourself more educated. See what’s out there. The world is huge and there is a lot going on in it. I realize that you can’t read everything all the time; life gets busy. I understand that but for the time being, surround yourself with things to keep you educated. Pick a day that works for you and assign it to reading or read every night for 15 minutes. See what works and stick to it. Change it when need be. Pay attention to when you have the time. If you’re online just to ‘kill time’ it’s time to start reading instead. You’re an adult; you should be involved and educated like one. Read, read, read!


Honey, you and I both know that you are a Debby Downer all the freaking time. Now is the time to stop. I know that it’s rough – everything about life is going to be rough. But this is rough because you are challenging yourself. Changing your ways and thought process is hard. I know. You make fun of those who think positively because you feel they are blind to the negativity of the world and its hardships. But you are going to get yourself into serious trouble if you keep going down the path that you are. No one wants to be around someone who is angry, depressed, and negative all the time. It’s time to make a life change. Small steps if you have to. Everything great begins with a small step so take them. Take a million small steps. But TAKE THEM. Start to be positive towards yourself especially. You are your own worst enemy and critic. What you think comes out in your words. Your words become your actions and so on. Stop the chain of negativity. Work hard and you will feel better. At the very least, you can try. Small steps.


Work on realizing you are not the only one on the face of the planet. Before in your life, you were once caring and considerate. You gave gifts to people on their birthdays because you wanted to. And these people weren’t even your good friend! Somewhere along the lines, bitterness and cynicism stepped in and set up permanent shop. Fire them! Re-rent the building! Become a caring person again. Really work on listening. Stop and think before answering to give that person a considerate answer. Really care about what matters – to them! You can make more friends by being interested in their lives than trying to force them to be interested in your life. You do not always have to be the center of attention. *Remember that not everyone will return this. It’s difficult, I know, you got bitter some how and this is probably the way it happened. But learn – don’t get hurt and if you do, don’t turn it on the world. Work hard on this.*


Everyone wants to be right. You want to be right. But why? What award do you get for it? What achievement can you put on your resume for winning a fight? Nothing. When thinking of others, remember that you are going to be wrong. Remember that you might have to be the one to offer the olive branch first. Learn to admit that you are wrong. Hug first. Say you’re sorry first. DO NOT get on the defensive and start a fight when you know that nothing will come from it. Try to use your words (select them carefully) to explain how you feel. If someone is important to you then they are not worth fighting with. Take a breath, count to ten, and try your hardest to give an apology and explanation. Work hard on this, it’s important to all of your relationships.



Sometimes, things are better left unsaid. Remember to stop and think and decide if this deserves a response. If it is best to keep things to yourself, then do so. Some things that should be left unsaid are:

–          Personal problems

–          Negative thoughts/reactions

–          A strong/conflicting point of view

–          Anything that is said out of anger

–          Anything said to someone you don’t trust

–          Anything that you do not know is 100% certain

–          Anything that was originally said by someone else (i.e gossip).


One thought on “The Manifesto.

  1. I really like this manifesto page, such a clever idea! I absolutely agree with your thoughts on self-growth – I have been trying my hardest to live in a similar manner, with a similar ideology, for the past few years, and I must admit I’ve achieved a lot of things in that time because of it, and grown a lot because of it. But it’s always inspiring to meet other people doing exactly the same thing, who clearly understand it! 🙂

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